Chrome OS gets into gear with Google Cr-48 Notebook

Its been over two years since the Chrome OS has been around and not much new information has been released since it’s initial announcement. That all changed recently when news broke that not only provided concrete details on the progress of the open-source Chromium OS but also that Google and the Chrome OS team were seeking participants to take part in their pilot program to test the OS in a pilot program on a Cr-48 Notebook.

Chromium OS

The idea behind the Chrome OS is a simple one, create a operating system that is fast, safe, simple and reliable. This is achieved by removing all of the clutter usually associated with other existing operating systems and focusing on being connected – ONLINE. That is all well and good for users but plays into Google’s hands perfectly as they aim to attract users to their onine suite of programs that provides everything from word processing, to a calendar to videos on Youtube. Check out a short video that explains Chrome OS below. Read more about Chrome OS gets into gear with Google Cr-48 Notebook