Google and Novartis develop Contact Lenses to Detect Blood Sugar and cure Blindness

Google’s heading into the Pharmaceutical Industry, as they’ve made a partnership with Novartis to produce the Google Contact Lenses for which they’d applied for a patent back in April 2014. Alas, no mini-cameras will be in these Contact Lenses. Instead, Google is designing them with the help of Novartis Pharmaceutical know-how to monitor Blood and Glucose […]

Google Contact Lenses with Cameras will be Next-Gen Google Glass Smartphone Replacement

Google has gone and done it with this most recent patent filing in March 2014 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that puts out there the idea of a pair of Contact Lenses with Cameras built in. If Google Glass wasn’t creepy enough, Google has decided to up the ante with Contact Lenses that […]

Augmented Reality Contact Lens development will shrink smartphones to Feature Phone size

“Now that we have established the basic technology, we can start working towards real possibly available in only a few years.” Lead researcher Professor Herbert De Smet at the Ghent University Centre of Microsystems Technology in Belgium on the development on AR (Augmented Reality) Contact Lens In a previous article AR Contact Lenses tested successfully […]

AR Contact Lenses tested successfully on Rabbits

Cutting Edge Technology is my thing and nothing pleases me more than hearing stories about new means of interfacing with your reality. Especially when evidence surfaces that suggests that Jamaica may have no choice but to adopt. This as products imported from abroad may already be bringing it anyway, such as the 3D Motion Capture Technology […]