Fujitsu and Oracle partner for Cloud Services for local Apps and B2B software

“Under the agreement, Fujitsu will deliver Oracle Cloud @ Customer to public and private sector companies from it’s data centre in Trinidad, enabling enterprises to accelerate cloud transformation and leverage multi-cloud solutions” Fujitsu Caribbean Limited commenting last week on their partnership with Oracle Fujitsu Caribbean Limited last week announced an expansion of its cloud offerings […]

Wiredrive Cloud Video Management System for the start-up Business

  Need a cloud-based video management that is right for you? Wiredrive’s media management tool for Businesses and Start-ups hosts your video and other content on a private cloud in a Tier 3 Data Management Center. This ensures that your videos remain safe allowing your team to focus on collaboration, improving workflow. So what exactly […]

Columbus Communications expects BYOD boost for Cloud Computing

“I expect that this will be normal for Jamaican businesses and other sectors such as education in the next five years” Director of Government and Strategic Accounts Jenson Sylveste at Columbus Communications Jamaica Limited speaking on the trend toward Cloud Computing Yes, folks, the byline on this article is spot on. Columbus Communications, the parent […]

Google Drive, the Dropbox clone, now ups the ante to 15GB of Free Storage during Google I/O

Remember Google Drive? If you have a Gmail account (I do!) you’d notice every time you login there’s an option at the top of your page to select Google Drive. Now they’ve decided during Google I/O that started on Wednesday May 15th 2013, their pow-wow of all that’s great about Google to upps the ante […]

Google releases revamped Chromebooks and ChromeBox empowering Mobile Computing in the Clouds

Google has released revamped versions of its Chromebooks that were first reported on Geezam by Kelroy in Chrome OS and Chromebook – Simplicity, Security and Speed. The more recent updates announced now include better hardware for the 17.1” Chromebook priced at US$449.00. There is also (new-ness alert!!) an alternative PC version, called the ChromeBox, rolling in […]

Google Drive launches – Another major player joins the Cloud Storage Wars

The rumors have been swirling around for days and just as predicted Google has announced their new cloud storage offering – Google Drive. The Google Drive website went live at 09:30 am PST today and provides the official details about the new service. Visit the Google drive website at For those familiar with Dropbox, Google Drive is basically the same service but […]