US$279 HP Chromebook 11 is a great Christmas present for Millennials

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is now officially back in the PC Game with a Google Chrome OS powered Laptop, the HP Chromebook 11. HP Chromebook 11, has all the stylings of the Google Chromebook Pixel but with an affordable US$279 price tag, a sure magnet for Millennials (ages 18 to 28) looking for a Web-centric Laptop alternative! […]

Laptop makers go Chromebooks as Google Chrome’s Office Extension makes it easy to View and Edit Office Documents

College Students two (2) fave tools: Microsoft Office, particularly Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and DropBox, especially for those days you forgot to carry your thumb drive. If you’ve got a copy of Microsoft Office that came pre-loaded on your Laptop, chances are it’s now showing you it needs to be upgraded. You may have […]

Google Introduces new $249 Chromebook

We are a fan og the Google Chromebook here on but the biggest snagging point for us so far has been the price. $400+ for what many critics describe as a a”pseudo laptop” is too expensive especially with an abundance of tablets, Windows netbooks and even some laptops in that price range. Google seems to be […]

Google releases revamped Chromebooks and ChromeBox empowering Mobile Computing in the Clouds

Google has released revamped versions of its Chromebooks that were first reported on Geezam by Kelroy in Chrome OS and Chromebook – Simplicity, Security and Speed. The more recent updates announced now include better hardware for the 17.1” Chromebook priced at US$449.00. There is also (new-ness alert!!) an alternative PC version, called the ChromeBox, rolling in […]

Chromebooks get Secure Wi-Fi, VPN and other updates

The Cloud based Chrome OS is aimed at individuals and businesses wishing to free themselves from the high upkeep costs of having Windows or Mac based machines. Everything done in Chrome OS is saved in the clouds and allows users to access their information from anywhere there is an internet connection. Google recently rolled out the first […]

Chrome OS and Chromebook – Simplicity, Security and Speed

Google is the undisputed king of search but over the last few years it has been spreading it’s tentacles out in an effort to diversity it’s portfolio and strategically position itself so that it is not too dependent on another company’s platform or service. Google’s tentacle spreading has been hit and miss with the likes Gmail […]