Digsby: the good , the bad, and the useful

Hello everybody, its your favourite IT dude again with a brief rundown for one of the more popular chat software. Its called Digsby. Now mind you, its been around for a few years but I recently stumbled upon it. I always wanted to bundle my chat programs together (MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, etc) but couldn’t find any way to do so without opening multiple programs at once. That is where Digsby comes in.

digsby logo

It is so robust and easy to use, you will be wondering how you got along without it. In the past, instant messaging was the exclusive domain of a leisurely chat with friends or to avoid having to pay for long distance phone calls. However, it is not uncommon now to see office colleagues in neighboring cubicles communicating via these IM networks. Read more about Digsby: the good , the bad, and the useful