Chrome 16 beats Firefox and IE8 –Mozilla going Mobile and Cloud OS on Smartphones, Tablets and UltraBoooks

Ever since this bit of news relating to Google Chrome beating out Mozilla Firefox to become No.2 in the race to beat IE6 (Internet Explorer) on December 1st 2011AD in Kelroy’s article Chrome overtakes Firefox to Become World’s 2nd most Popular Browser back in December 2011AD, which I geekily refer to as the “Browser Wars”, I […]

Google Facts and Figures Infographic

Google has has come a far way since it’s incorporation in 1998. With it’s mission statement “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” Google has blazed a path that results in its name being a household name and instantly identifiable with the internet.

The guys over at Pingdom has created an awesomely detailed infographic that some interesting facts and figures about the internet powerhouse Google. It’s presented in a such an accessible and easy to understand way I thought I’d share it. Beware, it’s one huge chart! Read more about Google Facts and Figures Infographic

Smartphone Comparison Chart

The Apple iPhone is the undisputed king of the smartphone market currently but with so many new deices being released there is a rich pool of handsets available for new or current smartphone users to upgrade to. With the mobile web growing at a frantic pace the portable connectivity that a smartphone provides is vital in our increasingly networked lifestyle.

Smartphones from Apple, Palm, Motorolla, Google, Blackberry, Nokia and many others are currently on the market with upgrades and new handsets coming out almost every quarter, but how do you navigate through the flood of new phone news? Below is a handy chart that compares the Iphone 3GS, Palm Pre, Motorola Droid and the new Google Nexus One. Read more about Smartphone Comparison Chart