How to extend your smartphone’s battery Life with a Portable Battery Charger

By now you’ve graduated to the “Smart” Crowd as I’d instructed you to do in How to transfer Phone Contacts and Data from your Blackberry to your Apple iPhone or Google Android smartphone or Tablet even as the “In” Crowd tote their Blackberrys about Town. Still, you may have notices that your smartphone has a […]

Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit

The recently announced Nokia bicycle charging kit allows cyclists charge their mobile phone using pedal power while they ride. Such charging solutions are not new but Nokia being a major player in the mobile phone market sees an opportunity to target environmentally conscious consumers of their devices.

Nokia bicycle charging kit

The total charging time varies depending on the phone and the cycling speed but Nokia claims that with just 20 minutes of cycling at 10 km/h you can power up a Nokia 1202 for 1 hour of talk time or 74 hours of standby time. The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit is compatible with all Nokia phones that have a 2 mm charging interface. The Nokia 1202 is a cheap phone without many of the advanced power sucking features in most smartphones that are in high demand lately as prices fall and competition intensifies. Read more about Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit