Digicel wants Fixed Line as a part of Mobile Number Portability in a Triple Play for Cloud Telephony Dominance

Telecom Provider Digicel is now stridently calling for the immediate implementation of MNP (Mobile Number Portability) to be extended to include Fixed Line Services in a bid to get at LIME lucrative Fixed Line Services. MNP and its helpful JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force) and ISCF (Island Special Constabulary Force) MRSI (Mandatory Registration of Subscriber Information) […]

Yapper Zapper is the illegal must-have gift for the New Year

Merry Christmas everybody!! What! Have you not heard? A weh yu di deh? Christmas already come and gone…..Happy New Year!! I am just joking of course, as today is Monday November 7th 2011AD. But the Gadget smarminess polluting the tech airwaves in the form of the Recession-conscious gadgets effectively means it is Christmas 2011AD, as Black Friday […]

Digicel buys Claro Jamaica – an overview of their war for Jamaica and Latin America

The Jamaican telecoms market has been the most dynamic of the lot in the Caribbean over the last few years, a position accomplished mostly by the bitter rivalry between the long standing Digicel Jamaica and the newcommer Claro Jamaica. The rivalry actually dates back to 2007 when Digicel entered Claro’s backyard of Central America and within a year took El […]

Digicel Jamaica vs LIME Jamaica: Edge faceoff

I was able to use LIME’s edge network for a day and decided to compare it with Digicel’s which is the current champ. Since few people will use EDGE on a PC these days considering the price and the availability of 3G I did all tests on my trusty e71. The s60v3 family of smartphones lack a speed test application and the flash player in browser only supports up to flash 8, speedtest.net requires flash 9. This short coming forces me to use screenshots of the connection manager to display the speed but this shouldn’t be a big problem.

digicel logo

Well as everyone might know, Digicel was the first network to offer edge with Claro and LIME subsequently following. Edge is a 3G ITU standard which is currently known as 2.75g since it lacks some features of UMTS, that is thought of as the first true 3G system. UMTS in itself is original 3G supporting all the 3G features such as simultaneous voice and data and a maximum data transfer rate of 384kbps uplink and 384kbps downlink. EDGE provides speeds in the region of 273kbps with 4 simultaneous timelots*, or in other words 4 different data lines adding up to one. I managed to exceed that with EDGE on Digicel several times before doing this test with a maximum speed of 41 kilobytes per second or 328Kbps, in the range of UMTS 3G. I have a simple idea of why this happened; Digicel might be using more than 4 data lines, however my phone only officially supports 4 so I am not entirely sure. Read more about Digicel Jamaica vs LIME Jamaica: Edge faceoff