Minecraft Apple iPhone and iPad making brick building Games Social

Minecraft has in November 2011AD gone to the Apple iPad and Apple iPhone as a downloadable customized official app according to website CNET. This in keeping with my peepers could see back then last year in my article MineCraft – Indie hit is Social Gaming’s Cinderella. First last year’s stale news. As of December 2nd […]

Geezam APPetite: Dragon, Fly!

Dragon, Fly is a casual game for Android that has soared in popularity over the past few weeks. It’s a simple game where you play as a flightless, thrill-seeking baby dragon who launches himself into the air after gaining momentum sliding down the side of hills. Mamma Dragon isn’t too pleased with your adrenaline addiction and you […]

Casual Games Coming to Google+

The Google+ train continues to roll with the announcement that casual games are coming to buzzing (no pun intended) social network. Casual games like Farmville are a big part of what makes Facebook so addictive and Google, not surprisingly, is wasting no time in introducing gaming to Google+. The implementation is promised to not be […]

Geezam Poll: Which is your Favorite Angry Bird?

Angry Birds is a mega popular and multiple award winning casual puzzle game enjoyed by millions worldwide. It started out as a a casual game released for Apple’s iOS platform and quickly exploded in popularity. Now Angry Birds are available on a variety of platforms such as Android, Chrome, Symbian and Playstation 3. Everyone who […]