US$280 Casio G-Steel Line is Water Resistant Solar Powered Christmas goodness

Casio’s G-Shock watch was all the rage on the Geezam blog when Senior Editor Kelroy did his article about the Casio G-Shock watch getting Bluetooth  as per the nostalgia in Meet the new Bluetooth enabled G-SHOCK watch. Since then G-Shock has stepped up their game and have gone into Luxury wristwatches, launching two (2) new […]

Meet the new Bluetooth enabled G-SHOCK watch

Come mid March Casio will be releasing the new line of G-SHOCK 6900 wristwatches which connect to and synchronizes with some smartphones. Using Bluetooth LE standard that was introduced in Bluetooth 4.0 the watch will synchronize the time show  call logs, unread emails and messages along other features. G-SHOCK watches are renowned world-wide for their durability. The new […]