Google Chrome to do Console Gaming – OnLive and Steam in the Cloudy Post-Console Era

Google Chrome is now the No. 2 go-to Browser online, recently surpassing Mozilla Firefox as per the note by fellow blogger Kelroy in Chrome overtakes Firefox to Become World’s 2nd most Popular Browser. So what’s a browser to do, now that they are slowly cruising to ward the inevitable No. 1 spot, currently held by […]

Chrome overtakes Firefox to Become World’s 2nd most Popular Browser

Web analytics firm StatCounter is reporting that as of Novermber 2011 Google Chrome has overtaken Mozilla Firefox to become the second most popular web browser worldwide behind Internet Explorer. Chrome has for months now been the only major browser experiencing growth as more and more users get attracted by it’s speed and features such as easily syncing bookmarks and separating each open […]

Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms

Casual games are on the rise and they are coming in all shapes, sizes, forms and on every accessible platform. Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms is a not so new real-time strategy massively multiplayer online game based on the popular Heroes of Might and Magic series. It is a browser based game that has players inhabiting an online […]

IE10 to be the first stake in Microsoft Vista’s coffin

A lot of people received a not so welcomed surprise (myself included) when they realized that the recently released Internet Explorer 9 was not compatible with Windows XP (yes I still have Windows XP installed at home). Internet Explorer 10 is in development and Microsoft has announced that Windows Vista will not be supported. Microsoft has been aggressively […]

Jamaica’s Lost Innovators – An untapped Source of Economic Prosperity

The late American Economist and Professor at the Harvard Business School, Theodore Levitt is quoted as saying that “Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress.” Professor Michael E. Porter, author of “The Competitive Advantage […]

Google Chrome refreshes icon

Google Chrome has been a rising star in the world of browsers, backed by the internet heavy powerhouse bent on web domination Chrome has been nibbling away at the pie known as browser user share and now commands the third largest slice behind Firefox and the recently rebooted Internet Explorer. It seems the Google Chrome […]

Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate now Available

Microsoft has made a available a release candidate version of it’s upcoming Internet Explorer browser which will carry it up to version 9. This RC version will provide a final test drive for the new browser all allow Microsoft to find and correct last-minute bugs before its IE9 is released to the internet surfing mases. Speed and improved privacy […]

Google Chrome Canary Build

New Google Chrome Canary Builds are available for download and testing for early adopters running the Windows operating system. According to Google’s Huan Ren, the Canary development milestone of Chrome are nothing more than releases designed to be deployed and tested alongside other copies of the open source browser. Essentially, Google now permits users to install and run two Chrome Builds simultaneously.

“Install one of Google Chrome stable/beta/dev releases as usual. [Then] install Google Chrome canary build (Windows only for now) which will be installed to different path, get updated separately, and run side by side with existing stable/beta/dev installation. In usual situation, the canary build will be same as dev build,” Ren stated. Read more about Google Chrome Canary Build