FLOW launches LTE in Barbados as Jamaica gets Huawei E8372

“This is a great achievement for Barbados and it once again demonstrates our ability to place Barbados ahead of the pack” Interim Managing Director, Flow, Jenson Sylvester, commenting on the launch of LTE in Barbados Folks, FLOW Barbados has finally gone supersonic. They’ve launched LTE (Long Term Evolution) in Barbados and represents an investment of […]

FLOW Jamaica’s Blackberry Plans support Trailblazers of Mobile Internet

FLOW Jamaica is still celebrating having achieved a milestone of 1 million customers as counted in How Flow Jamaica celebrated 1 million customers with a 99 cents FAM Plan. As a part of their celebration, they’ve launched a 99 cents Plan. Activation of this 99 cents Plan requires that you have a 30-Day Prepaid Mobile […]

How Digicel’s and CellOne LTE in Bermuda means 75 Mbps speeds coming to Jamaica

Bermudian mobile operators CellOne and Digicel are finally going 4G LTE….just not in Jamaica! In just a few weeks from now, Digicel Bermuda will launch their first 4G LTE Network in the British Territory. The main competition, CellOne, is set to unveil a 4G LTE Network around the same time, albeit their service will be […]

5 Tips for a Very Merry Christmas for you and your Smartphone

Tis fast approaching that time again when that crisp breeze has just started to blow and the urge for sorrel, ham and freeness begins to gain momentum. It is also a time where we prepare to fight, not for the last slice of cake, but to hold on to our most prized possessions because with […]

How to recover smartphone SD Card with Photos, Video and Music taken from a Blackberry

So, you’ve messed up yet again, haven’t you? You forgot the cardinal rule of transferring SD Cards between Blackberry and smartphones: Back up your photos and audio as I’d pointed out in my article How to transfer Phone Contacts and Data from your Blackberry to your Apple iPhone or Google Android smartphone or Tablet. Believe […]

WhatsApp popularity fading as BBM’s the most downloaded IM App on iOS

Extra, Extra Read all About it WhatsApp getting beating by BBM Messenger  Parody of a town Crier announcing the latest news Yes folks, it’s really true as the news says above: BBM is hot, according to Forbes Magazine’s writer Tero Kuittinen. Jog your memory a bit folks; Blackberry is now no more as the very […]

Blackberry sold to Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited as BBM goes free

The news is out folks! Blackberry, once known as RIM (Research in Motion) before they’d re-branded earlier this year after the launch of the Blackberry Z10 smartphone as per Kelroy’s article BlackBerry 10 Officially launches – Z10 and Q10 flagship devices is no more. Blackberry has been sold to Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, the company’s […]

Blackberry Messenger for you, BBM for me, BBM for everybody! [updated]

Its Saturday September 21, 2013 the day that was everyone that was an early adopter of smartphones back in the day had hoped for. The day that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) would be a cross platform messaging application for Android, iOS and obviously Blackberry. What about windows phone you ask.. What about it???? I respond.. Today […]