How to track any Google Android, Apple iPhone or Samsung smartphone

So you’ve been gifted a smartphone by your significant other. A question then: how do you recover the smartphone if it becomes lost? How to track any Google Android or Apple iPhone – Preinstalled Apps are your true friends If it’s a Google Android, Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, make sure before […]

Stop Digicel and FLOW Apple iPhone and Android phones taking Data and Credit

Jamaica who use Data service on FLOW and Digicel smartphones all have the same problem; the phone using off their Data plan and then their credit unknown. While you may want to blame the company, the real culprit is the smartphone, more specifically Google Android and Apple iOS. These operating systems constantly update themselves in […]

FLOW launches LTE in Barbados as Jamaica gets Huawei E8372

“This is a great achievement for Barbados and it once again demonstrates our ability to place Barbados ahead of the pack” Interim Managing Director, Flow, Jenson Sylvester, commenting on the launch of LTE in Barbados Folks, FLOW Barbados has finally gone supersonic. They’ve launched LTE (Long Term Evolution) in Barbados and represents an investment of […]

Digicel and GTT 80 Mbps 4G LTE in Guyana hints at August 2016 Launch in Jamaica

“Finally, we will bring you 4G (fourth generation mobile telecoms technology). I know that you have waited a long time and I am happy as you to say that we have received approval from the government” Chief Executive Officer of GTT, Justin Nedd, announced in a statement on Friday April 29th 2016 Looks like Bahamas […]

How Digicel’s and CellOne LTE in Bermuda means 75 Mbps speeds coming to Jamaica

Bermudian mobile operators CellOne and Digicel are finally going 4G LTE….just not in Jamaica! In just a few weeks from now, Digicel Bermuda will launch their first 4G LTE Network in the British Territory. The main competition, CellOne, is set to unveil a 4G LTE Network around the same time, albeit their service will be […]

How to stop Facebook and Messenger from draining your battery

Looks like Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Pages Manager Apps may be bad for your smartphone’s health. A dual study conducted by the UK Guardian Newspaper, found that these Apps severely reduce the following on your Google Android smartphone or Apple iPhone: 20% reduction in the battery life for Google Android 15% reduction in the battery […]

Why the Rise of ad-Blockers is killing free Publisher and App Content

While Digicel and ECTEL argue about blocking ads on your smartphones smartphone makers and developers have taken matters into their own hands. Ad-blocker are now all the rage on Google Android and Apple iPhones users are pretty much fed up with Ad popping up in their apps as well as News websites. The so-called In-App advertising […]