Digital JAM 2.0 Mobile Apps Competition

The Government of Jamaica in partnership with the World Bank and private sector operators in the local ICT sector invites applications from Jamaican software developers and digital artists to participate in the Digital Jam 2.0 Mobile Apps Competition. Conceived as an integral part of a 3-day Business Development and Marketplace event to be held at […]

LIME launches Blackberry App for Boys and Girls Champs 2012

Champs’ exclusive telecommunications partner LIME, has launched an application for BlackBerry smartphones that will allow fans to access event schedules, results, updates and everything related to the event as-it-happens during this years’ staging of the ISSA Boys & Girls Championships’ scheduled for March 28 – 31. According to Stephen Miller, LIME Sponsorships Manager, the ‘App’ […]

Twitter undergoing major redesign

It seems the internet, gaming, gadget and just about the entire technology world has been buzzing with activity lately. Adding it’s own splash in the pool is Twitter who today announced a major overhaul of it’s service including it’s mobile apps. It a post titled “Lets Fly” Twitter states the new simplified design will allow […]

Android Celebrates 10 Billion App Downloads with 10 day 10 cent promotion

The official Google+ page for Android exploded today after news that Android has passed the 10 Billion app downloads threshold in December. Android is now the most popular mobile OS worldwide and it’s growth seems to be accelerating, moving from 6 billion app downloads in May 2011 to 10 billion just 6 months later. Below is […]

Foursquare Introduces expertise badges that level

Many thought location-based social networking services were just a faze but it shows no signs of abating. Foursquare is undoubtedly the most popular location based service with over 10 million users and the support of many businesses. Badges are an integral part of Foursquare and to that they introduced expertise badges that level up depending on the […]

Facebook Messenger – The Mobile Messaging App to rule them all

Watch out Blackberry Messenger, SMS, GroupMe and even Google+ with it’s “Huddle” feature – there might be a new messaging sheriff riding into town. Facebook has announced a new standalone mobile messaging app that allows users to have chat room-style group conversations with other Facebook users and even share your location and photos. Users who do not have the Facebook […]

Smartphones and Apps – Freemium Games are No. 1

It seems that when it comes to Apps, the number one App is still Games, according to recent stats posted Thursday July 7th 2011AD by Analyst Nielsen. In fact, to give a bit of perspective, the most popular Apps categories are in fact: Games Weather Social Networking Maps, Navigation and Search Let me throw some clothes […]