Avira Antivir: Virus and Malware Protection

Being that I am an IT consultant, I have seen a sizable increase in the amount of virus infected machines out there. Case in point, I was working on some machines for a client, and one of the victims had over 1000 infections. On the business level however, paid solutions are the only way to go. When your machines are housing mission-critical data, you need the best and most  powerful protection as you can get.

avira antivir logo

Now I’m not saying that this is as good as it gets, but it weighs in as a heavy contender in the industry. Now on the residential side of things, there are features that the Professional Edition has that aren’t as critical. Most every AntiVirus company offers editions for both user groups, including Avira. However, Avira does not seem to have the same popularity as its competition. This is a shame, because my experience shows Avira AntiVir Profesional catches infections when other tools don’t. Read more about Avira Antivir: Virus and Malware Protection