ShipMe releases Android and iOS apps

ShipMe has recently launched its Android and iOS App. Use the ShipMe Mobile app to get shipping estimates, upload attachments, view invoices, schedule deliveries, schedule express pickups, and check-in at your ShipMe store. If users need an account they can signup directly from the app. Have all your package updates and other important notifications, pushed […]

Save up to 20-50% on your electricity bill using powerpree.

How To Save 20-50% On Your Electricity Bill Using PowerPree

Yo! Why Pree!? A PowerPree eh-nuh.. Ever asked yourself: Why am I paying so much for your electricity bill? I am conserving on power usage but why are my monthly bills not reflecting such? You are not alone my friends! Jamaicans are all too familiar with the high cost of electricity over the years – […]

How Jamaicans can erase and sell an Android smartphone

It’s time to sell your smartphone, which still has some personal pictures, video, sound recording and files. So how can you ensure that no-one, not even your girlfriend, can figure out what you’ve been up to on your smartphone? Factory Reset Done Right – Removing Factory Reset Protection You can Factory Reset the Alcatel OneTouch Pop C2 smartphone […]

How to put FLOW or Digicel Data Settings on a Samsung or Android smartphone

As you may already known, Samsung has launched their latest iteration of the Samsung Galaxy 8S and 8S Plus as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Behold the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 n four colours; Deepsea Blue, Maple Gold, Midnight Black and Orchid Gray!!! So for those of still stuck with the older Samsung […]

Vyral Events App Review

Young entrepreneurs doing something for themselves and fulfilling a need instead of waiting on governments to provide mediocre jobs so they can survive I always will support 100 percent. Came across this app from reading a Gleaner Article on April 16, 2017, titled Mobil App For Party Fans – ‘Vyral Events’ Links Promoters And Patrons […]

Google’s Fuchsia OS to kill Chrome, Android for Women 5G IoT Apps in 2017

Google’s up to something that may be a huge gamechanger in the Operating System World: an operating system made for IoT devices that works on 5G and geared towards women. And it’s Purple. Or Magenta. Like Really? Apparently fearing the death of Android and its Food themed Smartphone and Tablet OS as well as prepping […]

Pokemon Go frenzy takes over the world including Jamaica

There is a new king of the Appstore and Playstore – bigger than Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and more in-app time than Facebook; that app is Pokemon Go. The game was released in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States on July 6, 2016 and like contagion spread across the interwebs infection iPhones and Android phones […]