Digicel buys Claro Jamaica – an overview of their war for Jamaica and Latin America

The Jamaican telecoms market has been the most dynamic of the lot in the Caribbean over the last few years, a position accomplished mostly by the bitter rivalry between the long standing Digicel Jamaica and the newcommer Claro Jamaica. The rivalry actually dates back to 2007 when Digicel entered Claro’s backyard of Central America and within a year took El […]

The American Race towards Alternative Energy

It seems that the Entire World is in an incredible rush to switch away from Fossil Fuels, particularly in the United States of America. Not only are they going All-Electric Vehicles (EV’s for short), the 2010 Nissan Leaf, 2010 Chevy Volt and her siblings, the 2010 Mitsubishi iMiEV and the 2010 Toyota Rav 4 being notable examples, but they are also making similar transitions to Alternative Energy in their Domestic Power Utility Companies. This transition to All-Electric Vehicles is of course being spurred by not only concerns over efficiency as well as fears of American money winding up in the hands of Saudi Arabian funded Terrorist States, but also because President Barack Obama has the American Auto Industry over a barrel, as they owe the US Government nearly US$50 billion in bailout money, money the Obama Administration had lent them since 2009 to keep the Auto Industry afloat.

Politics is a strange game however, as the loss of the Senate, equivalent of the House of Representatives in the Jamaican Parliamentary System by the Democrats, means that many of the ambitious Alternative Energy ideas that on President Barack Obama busy agenda next year, especially as it relates to the above, may be blocked by a Republican and Tea Party Senate who are more in favour of Big Business and Big Oil, whose pocket, of course is affected by all of these Alternative Energy policies. President Barack Obama is faced with the gargantuan task of rallying an otherwise divided Senate to support his ambitions far reaching Alternative Energy proposals, a true test of the President’s leadership skills. This should make for good viewing on C-SPAN, the best reason for politics on unlicensed Cable TV in Jamaica! Read more about The American Race towards Alternative Energy