Corporate Giant Yahoo Joins The eSports Race

After ESPN with ESPN Esports , Yahoo is now getting into Esports. Yahoo Esports will cover League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, Street Fighter V, Counter-Strike: GO and more. The company today announced the formation of Yahoo Esports, which it’s calling a “new premier destination for delivering professional Esports coverage across major […]

American Middle-Income Millennial Minorities love Mobile Internet

Americans, it seems, are very attached to their smartphones. According to the latest stats from the Harvard University-based Pew Research  Study, Mobile Devices, be they smartphones, Tablets or in-between devices like Phablets are using them more than ever to access the Internet. These Pew Research Studies are interesting, as it gives us as Jamaican an […]

Samsung Z running Tizen OS fails to enter Russian Market hints at Caribbean and Latin American Launch

Samsung just can’t seem to get a break. The Samsung Z9000 ZEQ, more popularly known as the Samsung Z smartphone, failed to Launch in Russia this week of Sunday July 6th 2014. No reasons have been forthcoming, but based on the fact that this smartphone’s running Tizen OS, it’s not hard to guess the problem: […]

US FDA to finally Regulate E-Cigarettes as Boston Study indicates they cause Lung Cancer

Well, that didn’t take long! The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) on Friday April 25th 2014 has decided to regulate the sale of everything related to E-Cigarettes, from the device to the replacement Cartridge. Additionally, they are also putting in place regulations for: Electronic Cigarettes Hookahs Pipes Liquids and gels used in these products The […]

PS4 Prelaunch FAQ on PlayStation Blog

With the North American launch of the PlayStation 4 coming in just over two weeks (Nov 15th) Sony has put together an in-dept list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their responses that cover all aspects of the new PS4 system and its functionality.   The FAQ is split into sections and covers: PS4 System […]

Digicel to launch Affordable Android-powered 4G Smartphone in May

Digicel is preparing to roll out an affordable smartphone offering to its Caribbean and Central American markets. The Digicel Smartphone DL600 will be powered by the Android mobile operating system, be capable of 4G speeds up to 7.2 mbps and cost not more than US$100. Digicel Smartphone DL600 The launch of its own branded smartphone is […]

How American and Canadian investors Plan to make money from the US$10 million Trade in Plastics and other Recyclables in Jamaica

“[There] is a law that says, if you have a Plastic bottle you have to charge a deposit on it. Essentially the person selling has to take back the bottle. Once you do that, there is an economic incentive” Diana Macaulay of the Jamaica Environmental Trust interviewed by Erica Virtue, The Jamaica Gleaner, 2012AD Despite […]

Netflix service coming to the Caribbean and Latin America

Netflix is reporting through their official blog that they plan to start offering their streaming service in Latin America and the Caribbean later this year. The blog post doesn’t go into detail about the individual counties only stating that they will expand into 43 countries in the region. I take heart in the fact that […]