Digicel Sportsmax NBA deal means fiber and 4G LTE coming this year

The Magic of purchasing SportsMax as a content provider for their Caribbean-Wide Fiber Optic Network as reported in Digicel Cable and Submarine Fiber Optic Acquisitions point to 4G LTE based Caribbean Streaming TV is finally paying off for Digicel. They’ve recently signed a five (5) year license to broadcast the NBA (National Basketball Association) Basketball […]

Digicel carrying HBO on Caribbean Wide Cable Service

Digicel is ponderously moving forward with their Caribbean-wide Streaming Cable TV Plans. They’ve now signed an agreement with HBO for specific Cable Packages and Content offered by the Broadcaster. Digicel has acquired to be interconnected to their Caribbean wide submarine Cable Network as listed in Digicel Cable and Submarine Fiber Optic Acquisitions point to 4G LTE […]

Digicel Turks and Caicos thinks Streaming over 4G LTE by buying Cable TV Internet Provider

“We are very excited by this acquisition. At Digicel, we understand the vital role that a robust communications infrastructure plays in driving economic growth in a country and this acquisition shows our commitment to achieving that end” General Manager, Digicel Turks and Caicos E Jay Saunders speaking on the acquisition of WIV Cable TV and […]

Jamaica goes 4G LTE as Minister Paulwell prepares Third Data Telecom Provider entrant

“I believe that the price of Broadband (service) is too high. We want to see more competition…..to get those prices down . . . and (as such), I am going to bring in another (provider)” Science, Technology, Energy, and Mining Minister Phillip Paulwell, speaking at the launch of a Vision 2050 Information Technology (IT) initiative […]

How to setup and troubleshoot your Digicel 4G Broadband Modem

So you’ve just brought a Digicel 4G Broadband modem for home use? Congratulations! You’ve finally realized the importance of having Broadband Internet and you’re ready to connect to the much promised 10Mbps Wireless Internet. Buss a bag of St. Mary Banana Chips and celebrate as you’re no longer a part of the statistic that doesn’t […]

Digicel to launch Affordable Android-powered 4G Smartphone in May

Digicel is preparing to roll out an affordable smartphone offering to its Caribbean and Central American markets. The Digicel Smartphone DL600 will be powered by the Android mobile operating system, be capable of 4G speeds up to 7.2 mbps and cost not more than US$100. Digicel Smartphone DL600 The launch of its own branded smartphone is […]

How to Access LIME or Digicel’s 4G Internet using an unlocked 4G LTE Modem Dongle, smartphone or Tablet

Since my article on unlocking a Huawei E1556 Modem dongle as described in How to Access LIME or Digicel’s 3G Internet using an unlocked Huawei E1556 Modem Dongle or Nokia Modem Dongle went live, interest in our blog has pretty much peaked. Thus when I went on to write the sequel How to Access LIME […]