My views on Nokia World 2010

Well every techie and phone enthusiast out there in the world(notice that I said “the world” not USA) should have heard about Nokia’s biggest event for the year; Nokia World.  In past years Nokia fans would eagerly await this event with the prospect of seeing the best smartphone in the world for the next year or so unveiled. While things have changed a bit since those times the eager anticipation is still there with alot of persons betting on the moment as Nokia’s counterattack against it’s growing smartphone rivals. How was Nokia World though? Well I was not at the gathering but did manage to watch the event on Nokia’s blog and gathered some insight from what I saw and experienced from that video.

A more aggressive approach

Everybody should agree that the big N’s previous events were never this aggressive in nature in marketing and throwing a couple words or so at its opponents, people complained that they were too soft in marketing the advantages of Symbian and they seemed to have stepped up a bit. The biggest insult thrown by Nokia at it’s event was at a rather unlikely opponent; HTC. Many people would ask, why HTC? They are much smaller than Nokia, have a much smaller reach and is just… smaller. When you look behind the lines however you will see where all of this is coming from, not past rivalry but from the Taiwanese sly and opportunistic move. What HTC did was to hold it’s equivalent of Nokia World in the very same city and at the very same time as Nokia, a move which some said was to attract journalists and developers heading to Nokia World who otherwise would not have  been anywhere near London for HTC’s event. This was a move that got Nokia upset and forced their PR department to respond with a “Survival Guide for HTC event” that lists all kind of wacky stuff to allow attendees to stay awake when they leave to attend HTC’s conference. This I think is a brilliant move and it illustrates Nokia’s goal of regaining mind-share of both the public and the media. Read more about My views on Nokia World 2010