Swallowtail Sports Presents: Ryze Up

10882269_1507212286210380_4457294743053370453_nWhat is good one and all? Your friendly neighborhood gamer Zalgo Cometh here again, fresh from the Ryze Up Jamaica League of Legends tournament that took place on Sunday January 11th in Kingston.

Swallowtail Sports is an organization dedicated to the development and support of esports in Jamaica, and the greater Caribbean. Currently comprised of three members, this group of gentlemen have decided to have decided to spearhead the League of Legends community and help grow it as a whole. Their inaugural tournament Ryze Up Jamaica is the first in a series of upcoming events that they will be hosting at the CyberBox LAN Centre here in Kingston located at Shop 4, The Springs Plaza , 17 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10. The event caters to all and welcomes anyone to come support the scene and sign up, or just come out and play on the day.


10917975_10153009112050281_3488162381691435829_oWith all that out of the way lets get into the recap of the event. Started out a little bit later than anticipated but ya boy Zalgo Cometh was there to save the day with the stream setup and configuration. Ran into some overlay issues but after a bit of miracle working the stream was up, so the stream watchers were not disappointed and managed to catch one of the days main teams Perma Frass in action. If you are a fan of League of Legends or curious to see how these gamers get down you should definitely check out the stream archive first hand:

Watch live video from SwallowtailSports on Twitch

With that series victory under their belt in a convincing 2-0 victory Perma Frass continued on throughout the tournament dominating all comers. It seemed from the get go that this tournament was theirs for the taking but from the shadows emerged a team that was not going to allow Perma Frass to take all the adoration and cheers from the fans. Enter Get Rekt M5 the team that would mirror and rival the performance of Perma Frass with their own level of domination that had fans on stream begging and pleading for the organizers to end the slaughter. Viewer discretion is advised people be warned:

Watch live video from SwallowtailSports on Twitch

When the dust settled for the grand finals the two massive contenders stood face to face on the field of battle. As everyone expected it came down to Get Rekt M5 vs Perma Frass in the grand finals of the Ryze Up Jamaica competition. Trust me when I say it was a grueling battle that was drawn out to the very end in the best of 3 series as neither competitor was willing to go down without a fight. I must have left the venue around 12:00 am Monday morning needless to say I am sleep deprived and just running off hype but without a doubt it was all well worth it. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone but check out the tournament bracket on the Swallowtail Sports Website. Definitely keep an eye out for the Swallowtail Sports Team and Jamaica G.A.M.E.S. going into 2015 as there will be more to come. Check out some of these pics of the event from Swallowtail Sports, CyberBox LAN Centre, Rebel Queens Gaming and The Lab Game TV





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