Retail Gaming Flexibility: Str8games

When it comes to acquiring gaming consoles, their titles and accessories there are only a few places in Jamaica that specialize in providing gaming accessories or provide up to date choices on gaming titles for purchase and usually at some ridiculous prices. Not totally their fault of course since our economy is not the greatest, but after they purchase their stock and then add their markup to it there is no wonder why I believe console gaming is dying in our country, but retailers tend to order in bulk there must be something that can be done about the prices that they charge.  For the most part gamers have not had many options it’s either purchase it brand new or order it from overseas but that is another matter all together.

Str8games Services

That is where Str8games steps in as one of the few or I dare say the only retail store locally that offers consumers an alternative. Str8games facilitates the option to not only purchasing new titles but also to purchase used games and or to trade-in used game for another one (conditions apply of course).  So for all those who cannot afford to pay roughly JA$6,500 – JA$9,000 for any of the next generation titles then perhaps you should head down to Str8games.   For the most part with what next generation discs are being made of they seem to be more resilient to damage and especially the Blu-ray I have been told are hard to scratch, regardless of that Str8games clean and test their used titles before they are reintroduced for sale or trade.  They have also not forgotten the older titles and previous generation they have offering for PS2, Gamecube, Xbox also as well as handhelds such as DS, PSP, Gameboy Advance etc.

Separate from that they offer other services which are rare and are somewhat in demand such as Pre-ordering of gaming titles, purchasing of “game time cards” such as Xbox Live. I was also informed that “game subscription cards” such as those for World Of Warcraft are coming soon as well as gaming rentals are on the horizon. They have two racing/gaming simulators which are available to the public on Tuesdays and Weekends (which are also available for rental for use at events).   Also as advertised on their FB page they offer “Wholesale Accessories and Repair parts for consoles,Video game trading, Professional CD cleaning and Scratch removal.”

So overall Str8games is a unique local game retail store which offers what many of us have come to expect from gaming stores overseas, (and wondering if Jamaica is waiting for some sort of invitation to offer such services locally) the purchase of games and consoles with the additional options of purchasing new and used consoles, accessories and game titles as well as the option to trade them. With the increase in online gaming demand the offering of game time for consoles and popular online titles is also a smart move, not to mention the offering of several other services which are usually located across several different types of stores and not usually in one general location. Str8games is located at Shop#21, in the Sovereign Centre, Kingston, Jamaica.

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Ramano is a fan of the Far East and so tends to bask in such things as anime, manga and rpgs as a source of entertainment. Like many other indivudials of this generation he is also very interested in technology.