Steve Jobs: The Man of Millennium 2, Decade 1

I have been an arch critic of Steve Jobs and Apple on a whole, this stance was in it’s own right a byproduct of my former loyalty to Nokia and Symbian. Steve Jobs and Apple in my late admission, have been the force behind, both directly and indirectly, the destruction of Nokia and Symbian’s market share and market volume. It could be argued that Steve Jobs and Apple indirectly lead to the creation of Android by spuring competition on thanks to it’s new and revolutionary approach to smartphone interactivity. Android booted Nokia and Symbian from the number 1 position back in January and today commands the largest smartphone user group in the world.
Though I still harbor strong anti-Apple sentiments I have taken the time out to express my condolences to Job’s family and former co-workers, those who have worked with him and those who wished they have had the chance to meet the man. Apple and the world have lost a great inventor, innovator and orator. His unique style of presenting his products have drawn record attention from the media world at each outing and have lead to the success of his products despite the greatest of odds. Below is the 5 main contributions Apple under Jobs added to the tech world:
  • The iPod
  • The iPhone
  • iTunes
  • iPad
  • iOS

Closing: How Jobs should be remembered

Steve Jobs should be remembered as the man who revolutionized the smartphone world, the software industry and the computer world. He built the most the most valuable tech company in the world from nothing more than scraps in his garage. This very company then expanded into new industries, changing not only competing companies but also the complete course of each industry.

I recall Nokia cancelling the 7710 smartphone, it’s first touchscreen device with the notion that it wont go any further into touchscreen device design. This same company came two years later after the debut of android with the statement that it is in no way worried about Google’s venture, a comment I am sure has come back to haunt them several times over. Started by Jobs, ended by Google.

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