Star Wars: The Old Republic coming Q4 2011 – Now available for Preorder

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been cooking in the studios of Bioware, LucasArts and Electronic Arts for a long long time. After being delayed more than once, the light is finally starting to be seen at the end of the tunnel for fans waiting patiently (and not so patiently) for the release of this game.

Watch your wallet burn

It’s finally coming sometime during the last quarter of the year and expected to be “one of the biggest game launches” according the Bioware reps. Preorder now and get access to the game early along with different levels of swag depending on the depth of your pocket.

Preorder options

Preorder options come in 3 flavours – Standard which costs $59, Digital Deluxe which costs $79 which comes with 5 extra digital items and finally the $149 Collector’s Edition which comes with the 7 digital items, a Darth Malgus statue, The Old Republic galaxy map, music from the game and some mroe extra perks. All preorders and a color stone in game item and 30 days playing time. Preorder yet? If not go here

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