App Spotlight – Star Wars: Assault Team

Star Wars: Assault team is new Star Wars-themed  strategy and collectible card game. The game is available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android. In Star Wars: Assault Team players put together teams of up to four members and take on various mission through a multi-chapter story. There are also multiplayer elements and side missions designed to allow players to train, level-up, transform and acquire playing cards and gain access to new missions.

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Traps you with the lure of Star Wars

The first few hours of Star Wars: Assault team introduces the player to a very addictive game with attractive graphics and card art punctuated by excellent lighting effects and Star Wars music. Cards are drawn from Star War’s rich story and lore and feature iconic characters like Han Solo, C-3PO, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, R2D2, Chewbacca, Jawas, Stromtroopers as well as others such as rebel units, bounty hunters and creatures ranging from womprats to terentateks. The rules of the game itself is easy to grasp but with the dozens of cards and their respective special effects allow for a variety and strategy is building decks. The main story is split into various chapters that focuses on different main characters and so far has remained entertaining while traversing various settings from a Star Destroyer, to the Wookie homeworld to Tatooine.

Star Wars Assault Team - 9

The payment model splits opinions

Star Wars: Assault Team does become too much of a grind after the first few hours with mission difficulties spiking frequently delaying progress and forcing players to either take the slow path and grind out a few levels to progress or to pay real money for “Corusca Gems” that allow purchasers to progress faster. Personally I do not mind taking the slow and steady route while playing causally, however I can understand if many players are put-off by the paywall. There should purchasable full version of the game available for those who wish to go that route but the benefit of the current payment model is that you can, in theory, play though the entire game without paying – if you have the patience.

Star Wars Assault Team - 3

Decent strategy card game for casual players and fans of Star Wars

Overall Star Wars: Assault Team is a good game that could have been better with a purchasable full version, more depth and detailed statistics for cards, a local wireless multiplayer option and a more gradual difficulty curve. I recommend it highly for fans of Star Wars and card games.

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