Social Media Management Tools help you to manage your Social Networks all at once

If your into Social Media Marketing, the new low-cost medium for reaching your Target Audience, chances are you may have stumbled across my article Social Media Marketing – Advertising and Marketing in Ja on a Shoe-String.

You may also realize that Jamaicans are more active on YouTube more than ever, with a lot of Jamaican videos now trending globally as noted by Kelroy in his article 9 Stories from 2013 that show the rising power of Social Media in Jamaica. It’s also a lot more than just playing Social Games such as Farmville as described in Farmville Jamaica Live heralds the rise of Social Farming.

I’m really into Facebook/Twitter/Google+, making my life as a Blogger a complicated mess as I love receiving News that way as I’ve stated in Facebook adds Trending Topics with Paper coming to make reading the News easier. I’ve just barely mastered editing on the fly using Windows shortcuts just last year as noted in How to use Windows Shortcuts to be a more proficient Writer. Social Media as a whole has been Growing Strong in 2013, as can be seen from the Graph below.

Social Media Management Tools

Tracking News is a breeze for me, using a combination of RSS Feeds, Newspaper Subscriptions, Social Media in the form of the Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Triumvirate and finally Google Alerts, which I suspect will be incorporated into Google+ pretty soon as I’ve predicted in Google Alerts Diamond in the Rough coming to Google+ to deliver Technology News.

But Scheduling, Posting and keeping Track of Analytics for my various Social Media Accounts is anything but easy. For this reason, you need a CMS (Content Management Service) for Social Media, more commonly referred to (Social Media Management) Software.

Scheduling, Tracking and Posting on Social Media – Hootsuite and Seesmic does it for me

So if you were to join the above Social Networks, how do you keep Track of them all? Better yet, is there a way to post to them all? Fortunately there is a suite of Desktop, Laptop and smartphone software that makes it a breeze to achieve the following:

  • Posting to multiple Social Media Accounts simultaneously

  • Scheduling posting of content to my accounts simultaneously

  • Tracking analytics related to engagement on my various Social Media Accounts

Here’s the list of the ones that I’ve tried including the one I’m currently, based on several months of Trial-and-error and Research on my part:

Hootsuite is currently my favourite, and as you can see from my screenshot, I’m currently using it for my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I’m using the Free version; the Paid Version is a little out of my range, but based on the demand for software that can do this, it makes sense as to why their software is Cloud Based and uses merely a Browser Widget if you choose to download.

Social Media Management Tools 2

If scheduling, Tracking and posting Tweets on Twitter is your main thing, then you’d like to check out these handy Web-based programs:

All of them are Web-based or App based, with both Free and Paid Premium Versions, the limitations being in:

  • Number of Social Media account you can track

  • Advanced Features such as analytics

  • Frequency of Post

Thus, using this understanding, other SMM can be used to manage your various Social Media Accounts. Hopefully by the time your children are born, they’ll be using Social Media as their Main Medium for Communication on the Smartglasses tethered to their smartwatches.

Just as Tablets have completely displaced smartphones, Laptops and killed the Mouse and Printing as stated in How the Apple iPad killed Ultrabooks, Printing and the Mouse as the World Rediscovers Tablets so too in the future will Wearable computing in the form of the Smartglasses and the Smartwatch kill smartphones and Tablets.

This shift in getting News from Traditional Media to Social Media means that SMM Software is set to enjoy quite a ride, as SMM Software benefits either way!

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