Siri and Kinect: Heralds of a coming world free of Remote Controls

The recent debut of the Apple iPhone 4S with its sexy voiced talking Assistant named Siri hearkens to a future straight out of star trek, where people can talk to computers. My article entitled Apple iPhone 4S PostMortemSiri Voice Assistant and iMessage Rock defended the Apple iPhone 4S, pointing out it was something for those who had not yet heard the good news of the apple iPhone and experienced its smarmy goodness.

So why am i waxing melodic about the Voice assistant, albeit Voice commands have been a part of the Google Android OS experience? This development,  along with the Microsoft Kinect, it heralds to a future well worth noting. a future bereft of remote controls.

This is the much expressed vision of future by Inon Beracha, one of the founders of PrimeSense, the makers and developers of the 3D Motion Capture Technology licensed by Microsoft in their Microsoft Kinect Xbox 360 add-on.

His partner in crime, fellow founder and President Aviad Maizels, an Israeli Intelligence Officer and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Alexander Shpunt, developed the product, originally codenamed Project Natal. Microsoft had it make its debut at the E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo)  and as they say in journalism, the rest is history.

PrimeSense claimed Apple missed out on the opportunity to license the technology in their products as they had originally approached them first with the concept. The Kinect went on to break the Guinness World Record for Fastest Selling consumer electronics Device, selling one hundred and thirty three thousand three hundred and thirty three (133,333) devices per day  and hitting the million (10,000,000) number by March 2011AD.

So a world, a remoteless world akin to the imaginings of Inon Beracha where all devices can be controlled either by voice commands (remember Star trek: Next Generations?) or by gesture controls (think Minority Report!) is not too farfetched. Standardization and licensing of the technology is all that stands between me and my toaster, Kelvinator refrigerator and all-electric vehicle (i am an optimist here in Jamaica!) deciding it’s time for world domination as per my article The Internet of ThingsOur AIs State of Connectedness.

Jamaicans no doubt may dislike the Apple iPhone or be unable to afford it, having a preference for Blackberries due to ease of repair as noted in Android smartphones may be king in 2015AD, but RIM Blackberry quality shines. They may even see the Microsoft Kinect as an expensive novelty.

But were device to sport these technologies, rapid adoption would make a mockery of my usual two (2) year projections for anything new from our tech obsessed cousins to the North, as nothing would please us more than to hear our machines beg for mercy as we gesture to them our every wants and needs.

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Lindsworth is a Radio Frequency and Generator Maintenance Technician who has a knack for writing about his work, which is in the Telecoms Engineering Field. An inspired writer on themes as diverse as Autonomous Ants simulations, Power from Lightning and the current Tablet Wars.