Seagate GoFlex Slim – the Anorexic External Hard Drive

The GoFlex Slim is being touted by Seagate as the “World’s Slimmiest” hard drive. The 320 GB solid state external hard drive measures in at 4.91- x 3.07- x 0.35-inches and weighs only 0.4 pounds. Slimness it’s not the only feature the GoFlex Slim boasts as it’s USB 3.0 connectivity combined with the 7200RPM drive makes it quite the speedster – think of it as the Porsche Cayman of the hard drive world.

The GoFlex Slim costs US$99.99 and is now available at most stores and includes backup software, encryption and syncing technology that is a must for external drives. It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers and as expected is ultra portable.

It’s interesting to see how the hard drive wars used to be fought on the capacity front but has now switched to who is the slimmest. One thing is for sure, for now  Seagate is winning.

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