Schneider Electric and Massy Technologies InfoCom Partnership for Energy Solutions

“We are very excited about partnering with Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management and Automation”

CEO of Massy Technologies InfoCom, Mr. Anthony Smith, commenting on the partnership between Schneider Electric and his company

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in Energy Management and Automation, on Friday July 26th 2019 announced a partnership with Massy Technologies InfoCom.  The announcement of their partnership was held at Massy Technologies InfoCom headquarters and lasted some 30 minutes.

It saw the CEO of Massy Technologies InfoCom, Mr. Anthony Smith and Sales Director for the Caribbean Region for Schneider Electric, Mr. Manuel Rodrigues, fielding questions from Journalists and Tech bloggers on the reasons behind their partnership.

As per their press kit that we were handed, Mr. Anthony Smith was clearly upbeat about the benefits of the partnership, quote: “This partnership complements Massy Technologies InfoCom’s offering in IT infrastructure, solutions and services, to directly benefit our clients who will now have access to a more complete suite of technologies”.

This was repeated during the press briefing, as Mr. Anthony Smith pointed this in his overview. With 40 years in Jamaica, the Massy Group is looking to get into the Energy Management and Automation with Schneider Electric products that can improved the reliability of current installed equipment in Jamaica!

So why is Schneider Electric in this partnership?

Schneider Electric and Massy Technologies InfoCom – Energy Management via Cooling Services

Their plan is to offer local business a new suite of products and series aimed at achieving the following:

  • Improving reliability of Energy Management and Automation systems in Jamaica
  • Lowering the cost of operating IT infrastructure
  • Offering their expertise in Facilities Operations Management


Schneider Electric provides products and end-to-end solutions for mission-critical systems such as:

  • Data Center
  • UPS Power Cooling
  • Health Care
  • Oil and Gas


This follows on recent announcement that Massy Technologies InfoCom is expanding onto the following IT Solutions areas:

  • Managed Series
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics


They already have partnership with other IT vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle to offer end-to-end solutions for the IT Sector. Massy Technologies InfoCom has already achieved Elite Partner ITD Status as offered via Schneider Electric ITD Channel Partner Program after having meeting the requirements.

Together, these two (2) companies hope to have a crack at the following business sectors in Jamaica that may need their technical expertise:

  • Health Care
  • Construction/Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Tourism
  • Entertainment
  • Facility Management


But these sectors have been slowly growing in Jamaica, with only the Health Sector, Construction/Engineering, Tourism and Entertainment showing some signs of expansion.

So when I got the chance to ask questions, I asked the obvious in a series of veiled questions: Is there some immediate development in Jamaica that would explain why this partnership would be profitable?

Cooling and Power Management – Possible support for Telecom Providers and JPS

I asked the question as to whether the case was that the partnership with Massy was in anticipation of providing cooling services for JPS and New Fortress partnership to provide LNG to Jamaica. Mr. Manuel Rodrigues didn’t give a direct answer, stating that he anticipated this as well as future initiatives that would give them the opportunity to sell their cooling products and services.

Hence a partnership with Massy Technologies InfoCom would position them to take advantage of opportunities to do business as Jamaica’s various infrastructure projects take shape.

As it relates to possible introduction of EDGE Technology to support the continued rollout of 5G by FLOW and Digicel, he was more positive on this, as both of the Telecom Provider here in Jamaica have hinted at plans to launch 5G in Jamaica.

Additionally, they already have BTS Equipment that needs cooling, presented an immediate opportunity for Massy Technologies InfoCom and Schneider Electric. In fact they already work with FLOW and Digicel in the Caribbean!

With regards to working with the Telecom Providers, Mr. Manuel Rodrigues said, “Already involved in across the region. We already work with some of the Telecom Providers [Digicel and Flow]…. in taking a look at their existing infrastructure, understanding what is their future growth plans, whether a 5G initiative or also just improving efficiency of their existing infrastructure that they have and then just basically right-designing the right solution to meet those needs”.

Speaking of the Telecoms Systems, he anticipated designing integrated 1 rack power and cooling systems for the Telecom Providers. They also plan to provide remote Automation and management of alarms with their Ecosystem structure software.  This allows Telecom Providers to track not only alarms but also manage their cooling requirements and energy consumption at each site remotely.

Health Sector and Data Storage – Information and Communication is becoming Mission-critical

I then asked Mr. Anthony Smith about their prospects in entering the Health Sector with Data Storage and System Automation platforms, considering that there was already competition in the form of AIS (Advanced Integrated Systems) as detailed in AIS implementing UHWI HIMS to go paperless and improve Health Care Delivery.

He commented that they already provide similar services, as he said, “Data analytics will become increasingly important in the Health sector and in other Sectors.  The Storage of records and the digitization of Records is another important area. So there are various areas that to some extent we play already and to seem except we’re getting into.

He then addressed directly why they needed Schneider Electric, as with Information and Communication becoming Mission-critical, they needed their expertise, quote: “Information and Communication is becoming Mission-critical. So there is no a sector in which Information and Communication is not mission-critical. So this is where Schneider support us, in providing a solution that is not just on the ICT sector but also on power. As power is now part of your security to sense that your system always on”.

He asserted that Schneider Electric partnership will bring a total solution IT, Communication and Power Solution will make companies more resilient doing a power outage and ensuring that mission-critical systems are always on.

Li-Ion Batteries and Jamaica – Schneider’s Galaxy Series comes with Li-Ion Batteries

I finally tackled the burning and most obvious question in my mind: Will the Massy Technologies InfoCom and Schneider Electric be supplying Li-Ion Batteries to JPS Co as well as to regular customers now that the CET on batteries may soon be removed?

Mr. Anthony Smith handed those one back to Mr. Manuel Rodrigues, who promptly answered that they do indeed offer Li-Ion with their batteries. He said that they already offer the Li-Ion batteries in their portfolio of products, quote: “We actually offer Li-Ion with our UPS today as an option”.

This mostly with their Galaxy V Series that sounds likes shells in the Periodic Table i.e. Galaxy VX, Galaxy VM and Galaxy VL, which are tiered based on power requirements as noted in “Schneider Electric Galaxy VS UPS powered by Li-Ion Batteries”.

He did not comment on whether the Schneider Electric and Massy Technologies InfoCom would help them to sell these Li-Ion batteries to   a large contractor such as JPS Co. However, he did mention other types of UPS Equiptment, quote: “Single phase UPS and Smart UPS for example, do have the option of being sold with Li-Ion batteries”.

This suggests that they may also be targeting the Alternative Energy Sector, a slow but long term growth engine in Jamaica, as MSME and Large-Scale business seek to save on energy.

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