Schneider Electric’s BE425M, BE600M1 and BE850M2 Internet Back-UPS in Jamaica

“Consumers’ dependency on connectivity continues to grow as electronics, smart devices and the home network become increasingly important for both entertainment and work. Defending the digital experience through reliable backup power is essential to everyday life”

Franklin Guerrero, Sales Director, Channels Sales-Miami Exporters and Caribbean Region

Schneider Electric has launched a new line of APC by Schneider Electric Back-UPS battery backup solutions. Dubbed the BE425M, BE600M1 and BE850M2, they are designed to deliver reliable and secure power protection for wireless networks, computers and other home and business electronics to help customers stay connected, productive and entertained.

APC, a brand now owned by Schneider Electric and makers of APC’s Mobile Power Pack as noted in How APC’s Mobile Power Pack save Millennial from Smartphone Death  is the leading brand worldwide for integrated IT infrastructure and software.

In today’s always-on culture, connectivity to smartphones, wearable tech, smart devices and the internet has become essential to consumers’ everyday lives. Without a reliable and continuous supply of power, technology can’t function, leaving consumers disconnected from the digital world. Schneider Electric’s line of UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) provide battery backup to valuable electronic devices during power outages and unsafe voltage fluctuations, as well as protection from damaging surges and spikes.

Most interestingly, Schneider Electric is still able to deliver these enhanced models at no additional cost to customers. So what exactly are the advantages of the BE425M, BE600M1 and BE850M2 models.

Schneider Electric’s New APC – More Battery Outlets and power for Routers and Internet

The BE425M, BE600M1 and BE850M2 models in the new generation of Back-UPS have a new compact design similar the Back-UPS Connect™ BGE50ML as pointed out in Schneider Electric Connect™ BGE50ML is CES 2016 Innovation Award Honoree. This promises to deliver more battery backup outlets in less space—up to 22% smaller in size.

This redesign is based on feedback from their customers, to quote Franklin Guerrero, Sales Director, Channels Sales-Miami Exporters and Caribbean Region: “Based on direct feedback from our customers, we’ve redesigned our Back-UPS line to deliver the most reliable backup power protection to ensure customers can stay connected to the technologies that power their lives at all times.”

It is also nearly 30% lighter in weight allowing customers to power as many as six (6) devices during a power outage, compared to four devices as with previous models. Additionally, the new models include up to two USB charging ports to make recharging mobile devices simple and convenient during power emergencies.

UPS runtime has been maximized for heavy power-consuming loads such as multiple PCs and AV equipment powering up to 480 watts. They have also been optimized to run low-powered loads like routers and modems. This makes internet access during an extended power outage for up to 5.9 hours, depending on the model.

So what’s not to love about the BE425M, BE600M1 and BE850M2 series of UPS from APC, Schneider Electric’s UPS Arm? It keeps the internet up and your appliances charged even during a power outage!

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