Schneider Electric’s Back-UPS Connect – Stay Connected during the Hurricane Season

Telecom Networks are fundamental to the way we live, work and entertain ourselves. That’s why it’s essential that you stay connected to your digital life, even in the face of the power outages and fluctuations of this hurricane season. APC by Schneider Electric shows us what we need to maintain energy backup in the home.

You must first think about what type of network user you are and what your most important online activities are. Then consider what you would do without them.

What activities lead you to depend on a network connection? Do you work from home? Do you need Zoom or Skype for your most important meetings? Are you a gamer? Do you control your home security and settings from your smartphone? All of the above?

Why do you need a UPS – Typical of this hurricane season

Weather-related events account for 44% of blackouts, which can cause unexpected network downtime that affects work, family life, and safety. Connecting your modem and router to a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply will maximize the availability of your home network in the event of a power outage as explained in How APC and Schneider UPS protect equipment and information during a hurricane.

Do you work from home? If so, you likely depend on your home network connection. Without access to your email, the cloud, or the company network, it’s difficult to accomplish work-related tasks. During a power outage, you run the risk of missing deadlines, participating in web meetings, or accessing shared documents. In short, the loss of connectivity affects your business!

In such case, you will need equipment such as Schneider Electric’s Back-UPS Connect and a Back-UPS model for your network and mobile devices to provide backup power to your laptop, monitor, printer and telephone. Remember to make sure that the UPS you choose can support all of your IT equipment.

How to stay connected to your digital life – Beyond the blackouts or power fluctuations

Gamer Without your home network connection you won’t be able to play online with your Call of Duty friends. Without power, many of the equipment you need is rendered useless. Continue playing by connecting your TV, game console, laptop, Blu-Ray player, and cable or satellite receiver to a UPS.

With all those devices, you can consider an AV UPS for your television and game console and a Back-UPS for your computer, speakers, etc. Keep in mind that a large TV will require more power, so be sure to size your UPS appropriately for the equipment you have.

The multi-screen family – Back-UPS Connect increase network up time

Your family relies heavily on their home network connection to keep everyone happy.

Typically, your home has multiple devices connected to the network at any given time, and their use can vary: your child submits an assignment online, dad finishes a web conference, the youngest in the house watches Netflix on his tablet. To keep everyone happy, you’ll want to connect as many electronic devices in your home as possible to UPS power.

A Back-UPS for all your IT equipment will guarantee protection and use during a blackout. Meanwhile, Back-UPS Connect models will keep the network up and running and allow kids to continue watching their content for hours amid extended blackouts.


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