Samsung’s monochrome and MFP win BLI 2016 Awards Fourth Time in a row

“It’s a great honor to be recognized as the leading provider of printing solutions that help create a more productive and efficient work environment. Samsung is totally focused on offering printing solutions which are optimized for the smart office environment. It is hugely rewarding to see the key strengths of our monochrome printers and MFP lines once again independently confirmed by BLI”

Senior Vice President of Printing Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics, Sungwon Song commenting on the ‘2016 Monochrome Printer / Multifunctional Printer (MFP) Line of the Year’ Award from BLI (Buyers Laboratory Inc)

BLI (Buyers Laboratory Inc), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging devices and solutions, has seen it fit to bestow upon Samsung a most prestigious honour.

They’ve been given the ‘2016 Monochrome Printer / Multifunctional Printer (MFP) Line of the Year’ Award for their outstanding monochrome printers and MFP (multi-Function Printer) series.

Samsung's monochrome and MFP win BLI 2016 Awards Fourth Time in a row


BLI’s Line of the Year Awards honor the manufacturers whose product line is determined to be the best overall. They have several categories with entrants being put through the ringer via in a series of cumulative two-month laboratory evaluation. BLI’s highly experienced staff of technicians and analysts then choose the winner for each category after subjecting scores of devices from every major OEM to their exhaustive, comprehensive lab tests.

Thus their Winter and Summer Pick Awards acknowledge the products that exceeded their expectations by surviving BLI’s extensive suite of lab tests in the previous six months. This elite group of products can be said to possess the following qualities:

  • Cost and energy efficiency
  • Ease of use
  • Environmentally friendly features
  • Reliability
  • Robust design
  • Strong performance

BLI Director of Office Equipment Product Analysis, Marlene Orr, was clearly impressed with Samsung’s monochrome printers and MFP (multi-Function Printer) series describing them with words rarely used in the same sentence to describe printers, quote: “Samsung Electronics understands what customers need most from their printing products: reliability, productivity and efficiency. Samsung offers products that deliver strong performance and reasonable costs, maintaining its position as the leading printing solution provider in the industry”.

So Samsung, in receiving this honour a fourth time, is the creme de al creme of Monochrome Printer and Multifunctional Printer (MFP). Now that’s saying a lot!

Two More BLI 2016 Winter Pick Awards for Samsung – SME’s Printing Knights in shining armour

This is Samsung’s fourth time winning this award but the recognition train doesn’t stop there.

They also won two (2) more BLI 2016 Pick Awards. These awards, announced twice annually in Winter and Summer, are as follows:

  • ‘Outstanding A4 Printer for Small Workgroups’ Winter Pick Award for the Samsung ProXpress M3825DW
  • ‘Outstanding A4 Printer for Large Workgroups’ Winter Pick Award for the Samsung ProXpress M4530 Series

The Samsung ProXpress M3825DW series is bristling with a wide range of features ideal for SMEs.

It can crank out 40 pages per minute from both wired and wireless sources, including printing from Google Android Smartphone using Google Cloud Print. It’s XOA (eXtensible Open Architecture) enables the fast implementation of third-party software, making scaling your printing needs a snap.

The Samsung ProXpress M4530 Series comes packin’ a 1GHz dual-core CPU. This meaty processor, pretty huge for a printer, provides the power and capacity to accomplish print and copy jobs at a rate of 47 pages per minute no matter the size and complexity.

The long-life drum and extra high yield toner is a Godsend for SME, allowing them to operate their Home Offices on a budget and reduce downtime typically due to toner running out.

So love em’ or hate em’, 50 Cents Style, Samsung’s line of Monochrome Printer and Multifunctional Printer have got your back!

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