Samsung’s “bada” mobile operating system gets updated to 2.0

Samsung’s bada mobile operating system was introduced Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona in February 2010. More than a year later a slew of updates is present in to the latest bada 2.0 version that could make it a decent competitor in the mobile OS wars against the likes of Android iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 (R.I.P. webOS).

bada 2.0 features

Some of the new features and updates in Bada 2.o include multitasking, support for Near field Communication (NFC), WiFi Direct, Text to speech, Speech to text, Push notifications, OpenAL, a new User Interface and in-App ads. Samsung is a big supporter of Android but with Bada making such significant strides it remains to be seen whether Bada will be Samsungs dominant OS in the future or just a trump card in case the love affair with Google doesn’t go too well. Check out the video below detailing the new features of Bada 2.0 below.

About bada

Samsung bada is a smartphone platform , which is created for wide range of device, unveiled in 2010. “bada” is a Korean word that means “ocean” and “seashore”. “bada” in itself embodies the open possibilities of the ocean: it can accommodate the various applications created by developers and it provides an interesting new space that offers unprecedented enjoyment to its users.  bada is a new blue ocean of mobile applications for developers, and customers will have a wider choice of smartphones with cost-effective yet powerful bada-powered phones. More about bada

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