Samsung sells 1 million Tizen smartphones while seeking Developers

Samsung is truly committed to Tizen, their fledgling Smartphone, Tablet and Smart TV OS.

Seems that commitment has finally paid off, as they’ve sold some 1 million Tizen OS smartphones in the past six months from January to June 2015 worldwide according to the Economic Times!

Geezam - Samsung sells 1 million Tizen smartphones while seeking Developers - 10-07-2015 LHDEER

What’s more, they plan to launch even more Tizen handsets of varying prices, including a high end Gold coloured smartphone with more games and messaging apps.

This is a really positive turn of events after they’d failed to crack the Russian market in July 2014 and got rejected by Huawei in August of that same year as noted in “Samsung Tizen to be reincarnated in Diwali Festival of Lights as Q4 looks like a Bleak Christmas Carol”.

Apparently their sojourn into the Indian market was successful, as their plan to expand their offering beyond US$100 Samsung Z1 smartphones suggests. 1 million smartphones in six (6) months is a low figure, but considering that this is a Linux Mobile compatible OS, this is stellar news.

Samsung can build on what was otherwise a longshot when they announced Tizen OS in a partnership with Intel back at MWC (Mobile World Conference) 2013 as detailed in Samsung’s Tizen OS launched to partake in Apple and Google’s App Economy.

Already, they have a Developer Conference planned for September 2015 in Shenzhen, China followed by a Tizen Developer Summit India 2015 in Bangalore, India in October 2015. More Developers are need, as in order for the Tizen App Store to grow, they need more Developers to get onboard and port their apps to their ecosystem. 

Developers and Tizen OS – Samsung’s continuously expanding Ecosystem seeking Developers

Developers should be excited at these prospects, as Samsung’s ecosystem is growing Strong, Game of Thrones Style. Smart TV’s such as their JS8500 Series of Smart UHDTV’s that use the Quantum Dot Technology already run on Tizen OS as noted in Samsung’s SUHD Smart TV running Tizen OS as UHD Alliance Grows and Internet of Things Beckons.

Not to mention their Samsung Gear Smartwatch, which also uses Tizen OS and is already in the Caribbean as noted in Samsung’s Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch coming to Jamaica while reppin’ for Tizen.

Fitness Trackers and smartwatches have become popular with the fitness Crowd in the US for the past two (2) years as noted in Analyst IDC logs Wearables Profitable in Q1 2015 Fitness Tracker Business, with Jamaica and the wider Caribbean set to become the next big markets!

Tizen OS has room to grow globally and 1 million happy Tizen OS users for a fledgling OS is positive news. Samsung’s long term goal of weaning themselves of Google Android!

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