Samsung Galaxy Studios – 360-Degree Experiences with Gear VR and Gear 360

At select Galaxy Studios, visitors can witness firsthand the amazing capabilities of the Gear 360, Samsung’s 4K resolution-capable 360-degree camera. By stepping into a cylindrical room illuminated by captivating lights and patterns, they can capture every angle of their experience in 360 degrees with the Gear 360 and then share it with their friends.

As you can see here, visitors interact with the Gear 360 at a Galaxy Studio in Sydney, Australia.

And here are some participants capture the moment in 360 degrees at a Galaxy Studio in Chicago, USA.

Gear Up with the Gear VR

Many of the Galaxy Studios allow visitors to transport themselves to virtual worlds. For example, a 4D theater powered by the Gear VR with Controller allows them to engage in a space battle or perform stunning aircraft stunts, all while sitting in a chair.

As you can see, visitors try out the Gear VR with Controller in Dallas, USA.

Fun and Fitness

But not all of the Galaxy Studios are entirely about play. In fact, at the Galaxy Fitness stations, guests might just work up a sweat. Here, they can strap on a Gear S3 and play a virtual game of tennis or go ‘swimming.’ Kinetic sensors detect the players’ movements for a fun and interactive experience, while the Gear S3 tracks their activity and heart rate.

A good example is can be seen as this game of tennis unfolds at the Galaxy Fitness station in Sydney, Australia.

Galaxy Studio – The Best in Design Concept

The Galaxy Studio has made a splash not only with its engaging tech experiences, but also with its sophisticated Galaxy Studio Design Toolkit, which delivers a simple but alluring invitation to potential visitors.

On July 11, the Galaxy Studio Design Toolkit was selected as a recipient of the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best in Design Concept, which recognizes groundbreaking designs for prototypes and ready-to-launch products. The Red Dot Design Award received a total of 4,724 entries this year, and 43 pieces were recognized with the Best of the Best award. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on October 18 in Singapore.

Galaxy Studios invite visitors to explore a world of mobile connectivity, bringing to the forefront Samsung’s latest technologies and all the possibilities they hold.



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