Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 – Optimized for Business and Global Workforce Mobility

“The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 was built based on in-depth customer and partner feedback and has been carefully developed to create a whole new category of tablet for the global workforce”

Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Global Mobile B2B Team., Suk-Jea Hahn, commenting on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduced the Galaxy Tab Active2 on October 20, 2017 to a world weary of tablets.

The Galaxy Tab Active2 is a new business-rugged tablet built for business through a customer-centric design inspired by professionals with the latest innovations from Samsung. Built with the latest innovative features, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 offers a business-rugged design with improved business functionality and built-in durability for industrial environments.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 will be available from October 2017 in select markets and I suspect will be a must-have for professionals by Christmas 2017! The Galaxy Tab Active2 helps accelerate the digital transformation of industries among key verticals like:

  • Transportation
  • Public safety
  • Manufacturing

They achieve this by offering a wider range of features such as:

  • Biometrics integration
  • Multi-window screens
  • S Pen capabilities

These features function in extreme working conditions, ultimately improving worker productivity and flexibility by building a wider partner ecosystem.

This was made possible via collaborations with various companies as pointed out by Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Global Mobile B2B Team., Suk-Jea Hahn, quote: “We strategically worked to build a wider partner ecosystem for extended functionality through collaborations with leading industry players, such as IBM, ECOM Instruments, Gamber-Johnson, Ram®Mounts, iKey, Otterbox and Koamtac. With IBM Maximo, we are delighted to bring to Samsung, for the first time, industry leading asset management features for field workers to simplify their daily lives.”

So how exactly did these partnerships impact the design of the Galaxy Tab Active2?

Galaxy Tab Active2 and Partnerships – IBM Maximo is baked inside

This trend of partnering with industry leaving companies can also be seen in the Samsung’s most recent partnership with Speedo on the Speedo On app as noted in Speedo and Samsung Make Waves with Speedo On app.

In the Galaxy Tab Active2, Samsung Mobile embraced an open approach with partners to expand the experience.  Working with IBM Maximo, they integrated the capabilities of Asset Management and Work Management. Samsung combined IBM’s Asset Management and Work Management capabilities with device features such as:

  • Biometrics integration
  • Multi-window screens
  • S Pen capabilities

This makes tasks such as equipment inspection and maintenance will be easier and more efficient for workers, regardless of the complexity of the environment they are working in as noted by General manager of IBM Watson IoT Sales, Sanjay Brahmawar, quote: “With this collaboration, IBM Maximo and Samsung Mobile B2B are solving ever-changing business requirements for industrialized mobile devices and empowering field technicians with new tools designed to work where and how they do. Users will be able to conduct crucial on-premise analysis, such as updating work orders or counting inventory items, in an intuitive, friendly interface on a robust and reliable device.”

Customer Inspired Innovation – Latest Innovations for Field Workers

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 is MIL-STD-810 certified, ensuring that the tablet is durable enough to survive excessive pressure, temperatures, environments, vibration and drops. The Galaxy Tab Active2 offers business-rugged features such as a 1.2m anti-shock inbox protective cover, IP68 water and dust resistance and better display touch mode for gloved and wet touch.

The thin and light tablet in class designed specifically for worker ergonomics, Samsung’s latest tablet has features that expand the productivity tools for those on the job, including a new advanced and popular S Pen that brings precise input options with 4096 pressure level and air command feature. The S Pen also features IP68 water and dust resistance for use in outdoor environments, even during rain and wet conditions.

These features provide greater durability in extreme environments with a simple design and interface for one-handed input and holding. Using the improved 5MP camera with 8MP Auto Focus, business users will experience better quality photos for work purpose such as ID card and passport scanning. A new fingerprint scanner offers enhanced security authentication, and the facial recognition feature is a convenient option for unlocking the device using just one hand.

When paired with new gyroscope and geomagnetic sensors, employees will also benefit from a wide range of augmented reality (AR) capabilities. AR can now be used with Galaxy Tab Active2 for employee training and customer support experiences allowing businesses to train employees in a realistic environment before ever reaching the job site. It also contains NFC feature and also features LTE connectivity, easy and convenient power charging with efficient battery control of multiple devices and additional data signal pins for optional keyboard connection.

Building a Partner Ecosystem with Industry Leaders – Security and Management Businesses Demand

The Galaxy Tab Active2 has professional-grade vehicle mounting options for commercial fleets and law enforcement through partnerships with Gamber-Johnson and Ram®Mounts.

Other collaborations bring new features such as explosion protection for oil, gas, pharmaceutical and chemical industries with support from ECOM Instruments, portable barcode scanning from Koamtac, hand straps from Otterbox and rugged vehicle and portable keyboards from iKey.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 also provides businesses with enhanced options for security, supported by the defense-grade Knox platform and convenient biometric authentication including a new fingerprint scanner offering improved security authentication and facial recognition for convenient hands-free access.

Workers in the field will love the Galaxy Tab Active2, as it’s tough as nails but packed with all the bells and whistles to make work flow smoothly!!

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