Samsung Galaxy S9 Hands on – Dual-Camera Dual-SIM gives the Best of Both Worlds

The S9+ also has another odd feature that’s loveable; it’s very large SIM Card slot.

The S9+ can accommodate both a Nano-SIM and a microSD Card and in some cases, it may have a dual-SIM option, in which you can use both SIM1 and SIM2 slots! In the case of the review unit I was given, it has the model number SM-G9650/DS which I checked and confirmed is indeed a dual-SIM S9+!

Samsung Galaxy S9+ – Duel of the single and dual-SIM slots

In my time with the S9+, I found that the SIM Card tray pops out easily as shown.

That is true…… once you use the SIM Card removal tool as shown below.

You can get the dual-SIM version of Galaxy S9 and S9+ in most international markets, but I am not sure it’s activated and can work in Jamaica…at least not yet. Still, you can potentially have up to two SIM cards in one Galaxy S9 or S9+, if you choose to fully unlock that feature.

The Single-SIM and Dual-SIM version looks similar, but the slot 2 is slightly different and therefore the usage of the slot 2 of Galaxy S9 SIM card tray can be different.

Here is a perspective image showing the relative size of the SIM Card slot for the smartphone when placed against its screen.

For the single-SIM version Galaxy S9 or S9+, the nano-SIM card must be placed in slot 1.

However, for dual-SIM Galaxy S9 and S9+, you have more options:

  • A nano-SIM card in slot 1, another nano-SIM card in slot 2
  • A nano-SIM card in slot 1, a micro SD card in slot 2
  • A nano-SIM card in slot 1, empty slot 2
  • Empty slot 1, a nano-SIM card in slot 2

You MUST use the correct size of Galaxy S9 SIM card. This as the slot in the Galaxy S9 SIM card tray can only hold nano-SIM cards.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ – Leave micro to nano-SIM trimming to the pros

You can trim a mini-SIM to a micro-SIM card very easily because the metal part is not touched in this process as described in my article How to make your own Micro-SIM or Nano-SIM Card.

But you may damage the SIM card if you try to trim a micro-SIM card to a nano-SIM card as the metal plated part may need to be trimmed when you try to convert it to a nano-SIM card.

So folks, bottom line, it’s HIGHLY recommended that you DO NOT trim a micro-SIM card to a nano-SIM card by yourself for Galaxy S9 and S9+; leave that work to your In-Store Customer Care Representative at FLOW or Digicel.

So till next time, enjoy using your Samsung Galaxy S9+, and be super happy if it’s a dual-Camera Dual-SIM version, as you are getting the best of both worlds!!! Stay tuned for more on the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

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