Samsung Galaxy S9 Hands on – Jack is back with AKG-Dolby Atmos Speakers

One of the nicest features about the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the finish and smoothness of it general appearance. Its huge all screen 6.2″ slab of goodness dwarfs it sister, the S9 which only has 5.9″ of display space to play with.

Just look at these photos and you’ll agree as to how well designed the product is. It does have a few design quirks though. Let’s dive right into it!!!

Samsung Galaxy S9+ – Jack is back and it brought its speaker friend to the party 

At the bottom, the S9+ has the 3.5mm Audio Jack for headphones …..which I’d expected to be at the top of the smartphone. At least it HAS one, as most smartphone makers, such as Samsung’s main competitor Apple and their stellar entry, the iPhone X, are without them, forcing you to get a Bluetooth headset.

The power button is still on the left hand side like most smartphones and is very responsive, turning on with a simple press.

Not sure what these buttons are for…..will figure it out when I get more into the phone…..!!!

Nice touch too is the extra speaker at the bottom of the smartphone.

This makes for better quality sound as the speaker, as shown on the right in the image above, is optimized for AKG-tuned, Dolby Atmos audio.

Folks, I’ll be sure to test this out in future articles as I progress ever so slowly with the S9+ review!!!



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