Samsung Galaxy S7 First Impressions

The Samsung Galaxy has received its yearly update. Samsung’s flagship device from one of the world’s biggest mobile phone maker is definitely an improvement on its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7

I have been taking the Samsung Galaxy S7 for a spin as my primary mobile device for the last few days and my first impressions have been mostly positive. More and more our smartphones are becoming one with us and the S7 does a great job of connecting with its owner and responding to our needs. Different owners will have different needs; if my case I am a tech savvy video gaming photographer with very little patience.

I’ve tried hard to my best to put pressure on the S7 but almost all the time I call the phone responds. Need to record a video? snap selfies? send a tweet, check my calendar? check on my residents in my post-apocalyptic shelter? The Samsung Galaxy S7 is up for the task.

Samsung Galaxy S7 screenshot

Its still early days but a few standout features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 so far are:

Lots to be Happy about

  • Excellent Camera – Maybe the best camera I have ever used in a smartphone, fast focusing, good in low light, packed with software features.
  • All day battery – Battery power remains a sticking pint for innovation in smartphones and other mobile devices. The bigger battery in the S7 improves on the S6 and allows for all day use without being permanently attached to a wall outlet.
  • Premium Build – Gone are the cheap plastic days of the S5 and the ones before it. The premium metal build of the S7 now with a round back (that makes a difference) spells style and quality.
  • Very Customizable – Truly make the phone yours with a wide selection of themes and built-in settings that control just about ever aspect of the device
  • Radiant Screen – Another area where Samsung shines. The Super AMOLED

Also a few cons

  • Fingerprint Magnet – Shiny glass and metal results in fingerprint smudges everywhere no matter how hard you try to prevent it.
  • Low Speakers – the dust and water protection for the Samsung Galaxy S7 has the disadvantage of lower speakers than usual but in a way is an acceptable sacrifice to make
  • Runs hot at times – Recording a lot of video or extended gaming sessions makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 run noticeably hot to the touch

Stay tuned to and look out for my more detailed review in the coming days after I spend more time using the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the field and can fully evaluate it as a device. Though I must say I have been very impressed so far.

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