Samsung Galaxy S4 Unboxing, Hands-on and First Impression

For a few days now I have been using the new Samsung Galaxy S4, one of the most anticipated phones of 2013. There will be a more detailed review-type article in another week or so but I thought that it would be a good idea to publish a quick hands-on and first impressions post while I put the phone through its paces for the follow-up article which be from the viewpoint of a day to day user’s experiences and a features overview.


Setup was a breeze

Out of the box the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a ultra-light and thin device with a beautiful 5 inch screen. For users with a previous Android phone or a Google account setup is a breeze as you just enter you account details and all your contacts, calendars, apps, Chrome bookmarks and even Youtube subscriptions get synced to the device. New users can also easily create a new account and never worry about it again.

Mostly useful pre-installed apps out of the box

The Galaxy S4 comes with a few pre-installed third party programs such as Dropbox, Tripadvisor, Flipboard and a variety of trial games which many view as bloatware but personally I do not mind. The pre-installed apps from Samsung are hit and miss and will have various degrees of usage depending on the tastes of users of the device. The futuristic geek in me has fallen in love with S Voice, Story Album is a very interesting feature I will definitely use often, S Health is interesting enough to experiment with but S memo, S Planner and Samsung Hub are features that I will probably never use due having more favored and established apps like Evernote that do the same thing.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an eye-catching phone

I have already had curious onlookers ask me about the phone and after allowing them to use the it while explaining the features they were all impressed. Features specific to the Samsung Galaxy S4 such air gesture, smart pause, dual shot cement the phone’s high-end premium appeal and it should prove successful in Jamaica like the Galaxy SII and Galaxy S3 before it.

Maturing Android OS

Android has really advanced especially in relation to usability since my first Android device the HTC Legend, and although I am aware that the Galaxy S4 uses GUI enhancements and tweaks thanks to Touchwiz moving from Android 2.2 to Android 4.2 is a massive leap. The device runs smoothly, animations are fluid, no slowdown, glitches or app crashes at all in the first few days which a testament to Androids maturity as a mobile OS and improving app development.

Detailed Review coming soon

So far the Samsung Galaxy is an impressive device, look out for my detailed look at the phone in another week or so. The Samsung Galaxy S4 made its debut at Digicel‘s Tropical Plaza store on April 27th and is available now for purchase.

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