Samsung Galaxy S10 Review – The Charger was British so I made it Jamaican

I know that this is the regular fast charger that the Samsung Galaxy S10 line usually packs. Here is beside its little cousin, the USB to micro-USB adaptor…… you will see why you mustn’t lose it later as I will explain in part 2 of my review!!

But this one had a challenge; it was really made for a British plug system not Jamaican as it had these prongs instead of the regular ones to allow me to plug it into the socket for charging.

This was most unfortunate!!! I would have difficulty as I would be unable to charge it. Also, I would have to get an adaptor to fit the circular prongs in order to plug it in and charge it.

The charging cable itself was still standard, coming packaged as it always does in its little paper folded placement. I really did not focus much on it, really!

It had the usual connector ends of a USB with a micro-USB end to plug into the bottom of the Galaxy S10 Plus for charging. It was also coiled rather nicely and was tangle free.

This made pulling it apart that much easier as it turned out to be at least 1 yard in length. Mighty convenient when you want to charge and watch a movie at the same time!!!

Still, I got around this charging debacle by using my own charger to charge the phone. More in store as I dive deeper into the Samsung S10 Plus in the next part of my review, where I will debut the in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint reader and my charging workaround!!





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