Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review – Unboxes like an Onion to make Jamaicans cry

I did this exciting review for the Galaxy S10 Plus and I was surprised to discover that rumours were indeed true.

The Galaxy S10 Plus comes packaged like an onion. Each item removal reveals seeming just lying there below the surface waiting to be discovered. First, removing the cover reveals the phone itself.

So let’s unbox this smartphone and dive into the review straight away!!!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review – Unboxes like an Onion

Below that come the charger, Charger cord, USB to micro-USB adaptor (careful, it easy to lose!).

It’s also packing the usual and expected AKG earbuds, which seem to be standard with the Samsung galaxy line of smartphones since the S9 as noted in Samsung Galaxy S9 Hands on – Jack is back with AKG-Dolby Atmos Speakers.

The all black theme of the packaging is broken up by the white charger, which struck me as being a bit odd.

So I decided to take a closer look in the next part of my review of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus!


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