Samsung Electronics Earnings Guidance for 4Q 2017 looking positive for 2018

On January 11, 2018, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced its earnings guidance for the fourth quarter of 2017. And they are looking positive:

  • Consolidated Sales: Approximately 66 trillion Korean won
  • Consolidated Operating Profit: Approximately 15.1 trillion Korean won

The above figures are estimates of consolidated earnings based on K-IFRS as per the table below:

(in trillion won) 2017.3Q 2016.4Q FY 2016
Sales 62.05 53.33 201.87
Operating Profit 14.53 9.22 29.24

Please note that Korean disclosure regulations do not allow earnings estimates to be provided as a range.

Therefore, in compliance with such disclosure regulations, the above figures represent the median of the earnings estimate range, provided below:

  • Sales: 65 ~ 67 trillion Korean won
  • Operating Profit: 15.0 ~ 15.2 trillion Korean won

Overall the company estimated full-year 2017 consolidated sales of approximately 239.60 trillion Korean won and consolidated operating profit of approximately 53.60 trillion Korean won.

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