Round 2 Of The Clan Pro Circuit Is This Weekend

Sorry for the lack of gaming new; I call my bad on that one. In real life drama has been kicking my ass but you know we always got to make time for gaming. On that note I bring to you some of whats coming up and some of what has happened…


After round 1 must come CPC Round 2! The game featured this time around will be Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare on Xbox 360, 4v4 Teams!
1st Place $20,000+Medals 2nd Medals 3rd Medals! Get your team ready and you can also register here @

With the tremendous showing and support from gamers far and wide the the inaugural first round that took place last month its epecteded that players will be out in full support. Even if COD isnt your thing the newly released Mortal Kombat X will be on display at the venue for casual matches for the public enjoyment of all patrons. Be sure to visit the events pag eon Facebook for further details, the fun kicks off this Saturday April 25th at 1:00pm. Check out this photo album of Clan Pro Circuit Round 1.




This past weekend saw Cyberbox hosting Jamaica’s first Mortal Kombat X tournament alongside a Tetris tournament that was to be the retirement of Triforce Johnson from the gaming competitive scene. This was quite the showing by Triforce as he single handily went up against teams of  two in a Tetris showdown of the ages. He put on a remarkable showing playing two games of Tetris simultaneous all by himself against two other people. Big shout-outs to the Tournament Organizer of the Clan Pro Circuit for supporting the event and representing his team FAJ (Fighter’s Allegiance Jamaica) in the Mortal Kombat X Tournament. His win in the tournament helped his team secure some much needed points to remain in the top 3 ranking of teams based on the Jamaica National eSports Scoreboard (JNES). You can see the breakdown of the top teams in the island in the video below:

Finally to close things out; we have the Hearthstone Jamaica community putting together a tournament called HearthstoneJA’s Pro Series #1. It is scheduled to take place on May 2 so if you are looking for a free tourney to enter and have fun as a Hearthstone player definitely check it out. You can visit their events page to get further details about participating and signing up. Click the picture below:


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