RESTREAM.IO launches “Go Live” multi-stream feature is popular in the sphere of online streamers and gamers looking to push their gaming streams through multiple outlets such as Twitch, Youtube and Mixer. The service supports multiple streaming outlets and has streamed over 20 million broadcasts to date resulting in almost 30 billion minutes watched. go live

Streaming can be a complicated affair with multiple pieces of equipment and overwhelming software features. has a new “Go Live” feature allows users to stream to multiple sources using no special equipment or software – just their web browser and webcam.

If you’ve ever tried running your own live broadcast from your desktop then you are familiar with the daunting task of setting up an encoder for the first time. Many new live streamers not familiar with broadcast software found themselves confused by the complex setup process, not including trying to find the best casting software for them. This complexity led to users abandoning the idea of multistreaming and returning back to their single platform experience.

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