Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Preview

Resident Evil is a very successful survival horror video game that was originally released in 1996 by Capcom and was a critical success spawning various sequels on various platforms as well as expanding into movies, comics, action figures and more. Resident Evil” Operation Racoon City is an upcoming game in the series that promises a new experience for longtime fans as well as attracting new fans to the franchise.

About the Game

Resident Evil” Operation Racoon City is being developed by Canadian studio Slant Six Games and takes place during the happenings of Resident Evil 2 and Residet Evil 3: Nemesis. Raccoon City has been infected with the T-Virus –  a biological weapon illegally developed by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. Two teams have been deployed to investigate the outbreak – The Special Operations team’s goal is to expose Umbrella’s actions while the  Umbrella Security Service’s aim is to cover Umbrella’s tracks no matter what the cost.

Alter the Original Story

Operation Raccoon City puts the player in control of the USS team and plays as a fast paced third person action game with the player going through the campaign completing objectives while fighting zombies, other creatures and murdering innocent civilians. Players will cross paths with popular characters in the series such as Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield and can choose to kill them (altering the Resident Evil storyline) or let them live. The game will be packed heavily with online features with a “three corner conflict” feature where the USS, Spec Ops and Monsters are all fighting each other. Players can play as different classes with varying abilities that can be used within matches. The USS team members and classes are:

  • Spectre – Surveillance and Sniping
  • Bertha – Medic, Healing and Buffing
  • Four-Eyes -Scientist and Weapons Programmer
  • Vector – Recon and Cloaking
  • Lupo – Assault and Team Leader
  • Beltway – Explosives are heavy arms
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is expected to be released before Christmas 2011 on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Check out a trailer and some screenshots below and look out for more updates about this game on

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  • Ramano

    This seems like the popular decision making system coming main stream since it seemed to do rather well with Mass Effect and the fast paced, team play, zombie killing shooter aspects of “Left4dead”.

      • Ramano

        I never played L4D so even if it had more variety I wouldn’t notice I wouldn’t have anything to compare it to what I think its going to be is more challenging they now have a class system (well unless L4D also had a class system) so most likely not any one class can use just any weapon so now this may force specialization it may also force the team to be more balanced or you may increase your chances of losing e.g. The team can’t just be filled with Beltway, Spectre and Lupo because there may be instances perhaps several instances where a Four Eye is needed and I know for a fact that a Bertha is going to be in high demand.

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