“Refixing” Humorous Jamaican News clips big hit on Youtube

The rise of the internet and most importantly social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in Jamaica has seemingly accelerated in recent months. The internet is becoming more accessible to more and more Jamaicans through cheaper home rates, work places, school, community centers and increasingly sophisticated smartphones and gadgets. I have been following the rapid expansion of internet users and a new craze has taken social networking websites by storm – “refixing”.

What are deading?

Refixing or remixing is not new to the internet and can be described as taking a audio or video clip and mixing it into a melody, usually for it’s humour. A popular example is the Bed Intruder song from last summer that went on to get over 80 million views (and counting) and turn Antoine Dodson into an overnight internet star. That craze has now hit Jamaica, seemingly started by Jamaican Youtuber kevy2c whose refix of an interview of an expressive Tivoli Gardens resident during the tragic incident last May in the community entitled “What are Deading” has been a been an internet hit since being released just under a month ago to mark 1 year since the contentious operation.

Are we witnessing the start of a refixing craze?

Since What are Deading was released many other local Youtubers such as Daynemafia got in on the refixing act with videos such as “They R very PickPocket“. Kevy2c’s second video used an interview related to the Vybez Kartel vs Corey Todd saga and was titled “Patty Shop” which wasn’t as big a hit as the first, but still quite creative. The latest video released less than two days ago entitled “Nobody Canna Cross It” though is picking up steam and is already racking up the views with over 50,000 at the time of this post and is the talk of Facebook, Twitter and even my usually boring office. It was even featured on the CBS news website as a viral video. It is embedded below for your viewing (and laughing) pleasure.

Will the refixing craze gain more momentum? Only time will tell but something tells me no humorous Jamaican news clip will be safe from refixing for a while so don’t be surprised if you see a refixer or one of their subjects on TV in the near future.

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  • Seems Nobody Canna Cross It is blowing up faster than we can blink. The number of views has more than doubled since you wrote this post!

    Thanks for tagging me….I didn’t know you had a second blog! 🙂

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