The Real Netbook Killers: My Impressions of Acer Aspire Timelinex Series

Consumers just love to discuss what is going to “kill” what, when the Laptop was released it was suppose to be the “Desktop killer” but Desktops are still going strong as they are the bread a butter of serious PC gamers, enthusiasts and professionals who are heavily involved in animation, video and even audio production.  When the PDA was released it was suppose to be the “Laptop Killer” and it would seem that the PDA never really caught on like the wildfire it was suppose to be (even though the potential was there) and it basically phased out and Laptops are still quite alive and kicking and in a way some labelled the Netbook as a “Laptop Killer”.

So there really is no surprise that many have labelled the Tablet as a “Netbook Killer” some even have gone as far in some extreme cases labelling it as a “Laptop and Desktop Killer” I had never subscribed to any of the above as it all matters on what was the specific goal of the product, or what one has purchased the product to be used for.  While one product may be able to accomplish some of what the other can, in most cases it cannot accomplish the role/task efficiently or on a productive level and products like the “Acer Timelinex” are just evidence of the in accuracy of such claims and or statements of what is going to “kill” what .  As in most cases individuals usually own both the products that are supposed to be doing the “killing” and the ones that were supposed to be “killed” because of the lack of the ability for one of the products to completely fill the role of the other.

I believe the real Netbook “killers” are these 11″-13″ Laptops, the largest display Netbook that I have come across is a 12″ display.  I have owned two Netbooks before both 10″ displays or if one wanted to be specific a 10.2″ and a 10.1″ display those were the Samsung NC10 (which I was totally swept off my feet by) and the Asus 1015PEM respectively.  Many often asked me why I spent the amount of money I did on a Netbook when I could have acquired a Laptop for either the same price or a little bit more, which they continued to tell me all the benefits of a Laptop usually mentioning the size of the display and having a DvD drive etc.. and in true consumer fashion totally forgetting the real benefits of the cpu and memory grade that are shipped with Laptops.

I often just laugh because as a techie (or so I like to think of myself) I knew exactly why I purchased a Netbook which mainly was for its portability and to handle light tasks (checking email, surfing, listen music, a bit of light coding etc..), being the IT Technician for my current place of employment I often have to go on the road to service their clients and being able to move with ease was a large plus for me.  At times I need to jump on to the network, research some information, transfer or scan files on flash drives etc… and my Netbook allowed me to do all of that.  The only reason why I sold my beloved Samsung NC10 even though it did exactly what I purchase it for I just needed a little more power and thus I purchased the superior speced Asus Eee Pc 1015PEM unfortunately their are several limitations of an Intel Atom Processor such as the lack of the virtualization feature (which I found out at a later date the hard way but it was a minor issue).

I have always been aware of small Laptops like the 13″ VAIO models from Sony but they have always been equally expensive as they are small and beautiful so when I came across a Laptop that was not just 11″ but running i3-i5 processors, 2gb-4gb DDR3 memory and in the price range of USD400-500 odd I was instantly sold on them I dare say I may have been ecstatic it was an offer that I had to jump on and that is the only reason why I sold my Asus 1015PEM well I was somewhat looking to possibly upgrade to one of the Asus 12” Netbooks models so I guess that is not entirely true but I would still be limited by the Intel Atom Processor so coming across the Acer Aspire Timelinex Series was in a way a blessing for me.

So if one can get a clocked down i3-i5, up to 4gb of memory (possibly more by now), HDMI output and a display capable of standard HD (1366*768) all nicely packed in a 11″ package. Then why in world would someone want to turn around and purchase a high end Netbook?  A low end one sure for around USD230-400 or so I can understand but I don’t see why one would choose a high end Netbook over one of these Laptops I just don’t see the logic behind it.  So far I’m satisfied with it, it does not have the over sensitive touchpad issues that I was having with my Asus 1015PEM it has larger size keys by sacrificing the size of the directional keys and touchpad (I can live with that) all in all it has everything that a high end Netbook would have plus more so once again I ask. Why purchase a high end Netbook?

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Ramano is a fan of the Far East and so tends to bask in such things as anime, manga and rpgs as a source of entertainment. Like many other indivudials of this generation he is also very interested in technology.