ReadyTV selects CryptoGuard heralding Wireless Broadband Streaming TV future

“Ready TV and CryptoGuard will work closely together to bring Ready TV to all screens in the time frame specified”

Chris Dehring CEO of Ready TV commenting on the deal with CryptoGuard

Ready TV, Jamaica’s first digital subscription television service has inked a deal with CryptoGuard in April 2017.

CryptoGuard is one of the world’s leading content security providers for digital television and OTT (over-the-top) services. CryptoGuard offers an affordable solution with low start-up cost, which makes them a viable option for any size of service provider.

ReadyTV, now based in Portmore as noted in ReadyTV based in Portmore, launching March 2017 with GK MPay Support,  selected the Swedish based developer and vendor as its Conditional Access System Provider, after a series of meetings in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The company is based on proven technology and operating systems to ensure that they can provide the reliable and stable system that customers expect and is key to ReadyTV’s future operation, to quote CEO CryptoGuard Kjell Carlsward: “For digital television, it is key for the operator to choose the correct supplier of CAS, because this is what the business will thrive on; the content and access to the content”.

CryptoGuard and ReadyTV – Low cost encryption for OTT Services

CryptoGuard was established in 2007 in Sweden and has since then been an accepted and recommended solution for DVB encryption services all over the world. CryptoGuard is a developer and vendor of the following systems for digital television:

  • CAS (Conditional Access System)
  • DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Their technology uses high-grade encryption scheme for its Advanced Security card-based and cardless solutions to meet the demands of service providers, broadcasters and operators. Their flexibility, adaptability and customization with a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ business model makes their solution a viable option for any size of operator to digitize their TV services and secure content revenues.

Currently, CryptoGuard has customers in more than 30 countries. Their main sales offices are in:

  • Sweden
  • France
  • Poland
  • Peru
  • India
  • Rwanda

Essentially, CryptoGuard’s Conditional Access System uses a high-grade encryption scheme to meet the demands of service providers. This also suggesting that GraceKennedy’s GKMPay may be used as the Mobile Money payment option as part of the Conditional Access System; basically Pay-per-View on the condition of payment for Services!

CryptoGuard’s CryptoLITE – Wireless Broadband to deliver Multi-DRM OTT services

So basically CryptoGuard provides the encryption for the wireless transmission of HDTV signals for ReadyTV’s set top boxes. CryptoGuard’s ¨Pay-as-you-grow’ business model realizes low entry costs and the system scalability enables operators to upgrade their solutions as the customer base grows.

This translates to a long-term partnership with ReadyTV, to quote Kjell Carlsward: “We have started an excellent relationship with Ready TV, with a rapid installation, which is key for a startup company. We are looking forward to evolving with Ready TV through a long term partnership”.

This partnership also lends credence to the idea that Ready TV has plans to go into Wireless Broadband, as CryptoGuard’s CryptoLITE End to End OTT Solution can easily evolve to support Multi-DRM solutions for protecting content:

  • Mobile devices
  • Tablets
  • PC/MAC
  • Smart TVs

This also explains Chris Dehring decision about the deal, which was decided on at the IBC Expo in the Netherlands elated about the deal, quote: “We chose to go with CryptoGuard due to the company’s unparalleled performance and scalability (supporting both card-less and card-based solutions simultaneously). As a television service provider, you have to be certain that only your paying customers are able to view your TV-channels and content. CryptoGuard uses a high-grade encryption scheme that can be used for satellite-TV, cable-TV, terrestrial TV and IPTV”.

So potentially, not only does ReadyTV plan to do HDTV but potentially they plan to branch into traditional Cable and Satellite TV as well as OTT services, essentially Streaming TV.



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