How ReadyTV will go National in June 2018 to reach Montego Bay and Manchester

Folks, looks like ReadyTV are going national! ReadyTV has announced plans to broadcast nationally by June 2018!

The first six (6) months of operation has exceeded the expectations of co-CEO of ReadyTV Christopher Dehring as he pointed out, quote: “Some of our outlets sold out for Christmas, leaving us struggling to keep up with the demand. As more and more people use it and more of them hear about it, then it generates that much more interest, especially since a lot of people don’t have an option”.

Since then the sky’s been the limit for this Wireless HDTV Broadcaster, who’ve seen interest rise and fall with the seasons, to quote Christopher Dehring: “It started briskly then slowed down somewhat during the traditional tamarind season period, and it’s picked up again in November and December so November and December have been very hectic for us”.

With a single tower in Coopers Hill, St Andrew, they’ve managed to supply service to the following parishes:

  • Kingston
  • St Catherine
  • Clarendon
  • St Ann
  • Parts of St Mary
  • Hills of Manchester

This is effectively 35% of Jamaica and they’re yet to put up a second tower!!

ReadyTV already has plans to cover the rest of St Catherine, especially Linstead, Bog Walk and Ewarton, by boosting the signal to cover this difficult terrains.

They have plans to install two (2) more transmitters in the following areas

  • Flower Hill, St James
  • Huntley tower in Manchester

This would extend their reach to the Western and central part of Jamaica to cover the following parishes:

  • St Ann
  • Clarendon
  • Trelawny
  • St Elizabeth

This latest expansion will be financed by a US$3 million loan, which is in the works!!! If all goes according to plan, by June 2018, ReadyTV will be almost everywhere!!

Still, their progress thus far has been with one antenna and no advertising via traditional media. So how did they achieve this miraculous feat?

ReadyTV going National – Guerrilla Marketing Tactics and Face-to-face demonstrations work

ReadyTV had moved to Portmore, St Catherine and had officially launched in March 2017 as pointed out in ReadyTV based in Portmore, launching March 2017 with GK MPay Support.

Interestingly their first customer was from Portmore!!!!

Check out this spot on Entertainment Report in March 2017, during their launch party……

Subscriptions have been brisk since then, coming at a rate of 100 per day in November and December 2016. Their on-the-ground approach to marketing has worked wonders!

ReadyTV achieved this level of interest in their company by doing absolutely no mainstream advertising. Instead, the 125 strong company has relied heavily on social media and guerrilla marketing, with live demonstrations especially during the Christmas period in the following inner-city communities:

  • Cockburn Gardens
  • Denham Town
  • Arnett Gardens

They’re even been to McCooks Pen in St Catherine….

And they’ve also been in Tivoli Gardens…..nice visuals here!!!

They also used a lot of brightly coloured billboards. The idea was clear; by targeting communities that already have a low cable TV penetration, their messages would be heard residents of these low-income areas. Traditional TV and Newspaper ads would not work, as most people in these communities watch their DVD’s, being as Television Jamaica is really only watch for news and a few programs and hardly anyone buys newspaper except to search for jobs.

co-CEO of ReadyTV Christopher Dehring pointed this out while commenting on his marketing strategy, quote: “A lot of the people we serve, or are aiming to serve, don’t have a concept of what cable television is because they never thought they would be able to afford it. It’s all of these communities where the common working-class Jamaican lives, but has never had an affordable option. Here, they can’t afford a monthly recurring bill for cable because it’s a luxury”.

Subscribers have a choice of one of two (2) packages of 33 channels each:

  • ReadySET
  • ReadyGo

The cost of packages depends on how long the subscriber wishes to enjoy watching these packages:

  • $150 per day
  • $900 per week
  • $2,700 per month

They purchase their packages using ReadyCredit Scratchcards/e-vouchers, which is denominated in a manner similar to Prepaid Phone Card used by Telecom Providers.

  • $100
  • $200
  • $500

They also have the support of local merchants as pointed out in ReadyTV garners support from Local Merchants to reach 800000 subscribers who help to sell their prepaid card use to log on to the service. They are among the many ReadyTV Sales Location listed on their Website!!!

ReadyTV‘s aim is to serve those areas that FLOW TV and other cable companies are undeserving, and in the process kickstart DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) in Jamaica as noted in ReadyTV launch challenges CVMTV, Television Jamaica to go DTT by 2018. They are off to as good start can easily reach and surpass their target of 800,000 subscribers!

Folks, with Ready gong National, expect more news from the Geezam blog as we’ll be testing out their product and doing a video on their service!!!

Here’s how to get in contact with ReadyTV

Juven Montague-Anderson

Marketing Manager

Telephone: 549-6017, 704-2426

Suite 13-15, The Palms Plaza,

23 West Trade Way,

Portmore , St. Catherine, Jamaica.



ReadyTV website

ReadyTV Sales Location

ReadyTV Twitter Feed

ReadyTV YouTube Channel

ReadyTV Facebook Page



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